Xander Schauffele Wife, Know All About His Wife Maya Lowe

Xander Schauffele and Maya Lowe were married in college. Seven years after they first met in 2014, the pair tied the knot.

Schauffele and Lowe first met at San Diego State University in 2014. Since then, their college romance blossomed steadily until Schauffele posted an Instagram picture to commemorate one year together, captioned with: “One year with this incredible girl; could not be happier”. This marked the beginning of an inseparable bond that has withstood both time and public scrutiny.

A Long-Awaited Wedding

Schauffele and Lowe completed their seven-year relationship by marrying at their Las Vegas home on July 20, 2021 in an intimate ceremony attended by eight family members, an officiant, their two dogs, and themselves. It reflected their preference for privacy and closeness – this celebration being shared online via Instagram by Schauffele who posted photos with captions such as, “My best friend, my wife.” He later admitted that emotions overwhelmed him during this day of joy which caused tears to flow despite his usual composure.

Life Beyond Golf

Life Beyond Golf mes Maya Lowe was initially unfamiliar with golf when she met Schauffele but has quickly adopted his career and made it her own. Though not having grown up playing the sport herself, Lowe quickly learned its nuances and language despite not growing up with it herself – showing her dedication and devotion to Schauffele’s world. Schauffele mentioned in his 2021 profile with Golf that Lowe didn’t know he was playing until they first met; this highlighted her genuine interest beyond professional achievements as mutual support has strengthened their relationship further allowing them both to navigate high-profile careers together!

A Sporting Heritage

Schauffele’s sporting heritage is extensive, with his father Stefan serving as an integral role in his success. After an accident caused one eye blindness for Germany Olympic hopeful Stefan, now serves as Schauffele’s swing coach. Such deep roots in sports has undoubtedly instilled dedication and resilience into Schauffele, helping him excel since turning professional in 2015.

Schauffele’s Olympic Triumph

Schauffele was thrilled when, in 2021, he captured a gold medal at the Tokyo Games – not only as an individual victory but also because his father missed his Olympic dream at home. Schauffele’s success at Tokyo was testament to hard work, perseverance and support from friends and family members who believed in him and supported his journey to glory.

Celebrating Milestones Together

Schauffele and Lowe often post their special moments on social media, celebrating milestones and publicly showing affection. For instance, in January 2024 Schauffele took to Instagram to wish Lowe a happy birthday, posting an adorable selfie wishing her “Happy Birthday my love.” These glimpses into their lives display their strong bond and demonstrate why celebrating each other’s special occasions is important to both.

Exploring Japan

Lowe has joined Schauffele on trips to Japan, connecting him with his roots and family. Schauffele’s mother Ping-Yi Chen was born in Taiwan but raised in Japan, so the couple visited relatives there during one trip in October 2022. Schauffele posted an update from Miyakojima that highlighted their memorable quality time spent there with family and friends; these visits enabled Lowe to become familiar with his cultural background while strengthening their bond further.

Engaging in Philanthropy

Lowe is committed to both personal and professional endeavors alike, including her participation with the Xander Schauffele Family Foundation which promotes youth golf and environmental sustainability. Lowe has enthusiastically taken up this new responsibility after transitioning from healthcare administration. Her ultimate aim is to make an impactful contribution through its initiatives.

Have Adventures with Their Dogs

Schauffele and Lowe share an affection for their two beloved canine companions, Chewie the French Bulldog who joined their family this year. Schauffele and Lowe’s social media posts often showcase adorable photos and videos featuring Chewie that reflect their shared joy in pet parenting. Whether celebrating holidays or everyday moments, Schauffele and Lowe’s posts highlight how much happiness their furry friends add to their lives.

Support Each Other’s Careers

Lowe has shown her dedication to Schauffele’s career through significant tournaments. She proudly shared moments from events like the 2022 Presidents Cup on Instagram. Lowe also caddied for him at the Masters Par 3 Contest to demonstrate their mutual support off and on the course. Their mutual trust further solidifies their bond as partners both on and off the golf course.

Form relationships with fellow golfers

Schauffele and Lowe enjoy strong relationships with fellow golfers and their partners, including Patrick Cantlay and Nikki Guidish of whom Patrick proposed to Nikki during a trip to Napa Valley in September 2022. Notably, Schauffele and Lowe support each other at tournaments further deepening both social and professional lives.

Xander Schauffele and Maya Lowe’s relationship is an inspirational tale of lasting love, mutual support, and shared adventures. Starting off as college sweethearts before moving onto marriage and professional sports careers – their story is one of commitment and growth.

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