Lexi Thompson Net Worth, Bio, Career, Records And Rankings & More

Lexi Thompson, an American professional golfer born February 1995 in Coral Springs Florida has amassed an astounding net worth of $2 Million through her remarkable golfing career. Notable milestones and consistent international success throughout Thompson’s journey has cemented this incredible success story in golf.

Who is Lexi Thompson?

Lexi Thompson first emerged onto the golf scene as an early prodigy at twelve, becoming one of the youngest ever golfers ever to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. Her early performance marked just the start of a remarkable journey in her professional career that has included multiple groundbreaking achievements along her path to greatness.

What Are Thompson’s Major Career Milestones?

By age 15, Thompson had already entered professional golf. Soon thereafter, she embarked on an amazing professional journey that saw her shatter more records throughout her career. At 16 years and seven months old, Thompson won her inaugural LPGA tournament — Navistar LPGA Classic — becoming its youngest ever champion ever; that same year she made history again, taking first prize at Dubai Ladies Masters, becoming second youngest winner ever on Ladies European Tour Tour.

How Have Thompson Performed in Major Championships?

Thompson’s prowess extends well beyond regular tour events; she won one of five major women’s golf championships – 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship – which highlights her talent. In majors like U.S. Women’s Open 2014 (7th Place Overall), Women’s British Open 2016, tied 8th overall (8th Overall Placed Finisher, and more, she has excelled.

What Are Thompson’s Records and Rankings?

Thompson has achieved outstanding world rankings throughout her career, reaching as high as #4 and remaining within the top 5 for 2016. Her early successes at U.S. Kids Golf World Championships 2003-2004 indicated she could become successful down the road; now those early wins have proven true!

How Does Lexi Thompson Influence Golf?

Lexi Thompson stands out among golfers as more than just an accomplished competitor; she serves as an inspiring figure who sets an example to younger generations through her tireless devotion and success at golf. Her dedication and success has shown them age doesn’t limit one’s pursuit of greatness – her impact extending far beyond scores alone by changing perceptions about women playing professionally and encouraging more to join this pursuit of greatness in golf.


Lexi Thompson’s career stands as an impressive testament of talent, hard work and perseverance. Beginning her journey by setting records as a junior golfer before excelling on the professional stage – her journey in golf remains both inspiring and impressive. After winning and performing commendably in major championships such as major golf tournaments – she remains an iconic figure within women’s golf, continuing to inspire younger athletes through inspiring leadership qualities she instills within them and push the limits on what young athletes can accomplish in sport.

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