Larry Allen Net Worth, Bio, Career, Personal Life & More

Larry Allen made an indelible mark on National Football League (NFL) football through his exceptional skill and physical prowess, marking an extraordinary journey from junior college all the way to Pro Football Hall of Fame status. who had a net worth of $16 million. Allen’s story of determination and excellence, both on the field as well as off, captured both football enthusiasts as well as members of the public alike and led them all mourn his recent passing with great sadness.

Who was Larry Allen?

Born November 27, 1971 in Los Angeles, Larry Christopher Allen Jr was no ordinary football player. Standing 6ft3inches tall and weighing 325 lbs he became widely acknowledged as one of the strongest men to ever grace NFL field; at his strongest bench pressing over 700lbs was no easy task for any opponent on field! Combine these forces together with his strategic acumen for one fearsome competitor on gameday!

How Did Larry Allen Start His Football Career?

Larry Allen began his football journey at Butte College in Oroville, California. Though lacking grades suitable for Division I school play, Allen showed incredible skill on junior college level football – earning All-Conference and All-State recognition each season of play. Following an educational break of about one year at Sonoma State University’s Division II program he continued dominating play on his journey towards NFL superstardom.

What Are the Highlights of Allen’s NFL Career?

Drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of 1994’s NFL Draft, Allen enjoyed an unparalleled professional career. While with them for 12 seasons (winning Super Bowl XXX and being selected 11 times to the Pro Bowl–more than any offensive player). After leaving Dallas he briefly joined San Francisco 49ers before signing a one-day contract back with Dallas so as to retire as an official Cowboy before ultimately retiring at age 37 in 2007.

What Accomplishments Did Larry Allen Achieve?

On February 2, 2013, Larry Allen’s contributions to football were officially recognized when he was honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His earnings totaled $40 Million over 14 seasons as an NFL player – evidence of how highly esteemed he was by all.

How Did Larry Allen Impact the Community?

Larry Allen was widely revered as an out-and-out champion on and off the gridiron, but beyond sports was known for his charitable endeavors that supported underprivileged youth as well as community development programs. His dedication and involvement showed off another side to him – an equally compassionate yet strong side that showed through.

What About His Personal Life?

Larry Allen lived an extraordinary personal and professional life both on and off the field. In 2004, he purchased his $4.595 million Danville residence from Richard McWhirter; enjoying life together with family before suddenly passing away suddenly on June 2, 2024 during a vacation trip in Mexico at 52 years of age.


Larry Allen leaves an extraordinary legacy behind not just through athletic accomplishment, but through the impactful character and impact he had on those he touched in both personal and professional capacities. From humble roots to professional football fame to community service and involvement – his journey continues to inspire those across all fields and is mourned but celebrated all at the same time by those in sports world who knew and loved him both on and off the field.

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