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Club Shay Shay podcast has once again made waves with its recent episode featuring actor and former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, 45, making shocking allegations against former wife Tyisha Hampton that span from 1999-2005. Mitchell accused Hampton of infidelity and deceit during their marriage which went viral online, sparking heated public discourse.

Born on August 25, 1978, Kel Johari Rice Mitchell is an American comedian, actor, singer, preacher, and television personality. He was a founding member of the Nickelodeon cast.

Mitchell did not shy away from divulging intimate and painful details about his relationship with Hampton in this interview, including their rocky start as husband-and-wife when Hampton allegedly misrepresented herself regarding paternity of an abortion child she aborted, according to Mitchell. After this revelation Mitchell decided to remarry Hampton but their marriage soon turned rocky as Hampton claimed that this child wasn’t his biological child; Mitchell explained this revelation set the stage for an uncomfortable union that ultimately resulted in divorce proceedings between them both.

Accusations of Infidelity

Mitchell claimed Hampton cheated on him repeatedly during their marriage, including becoming pregnant by other men. Mitchell recounted one disquieting incident where he caught her with another person in a hotel lobby. “I got in my whip, drove around a bit more until I saw the car at a hotel lobby; then another guy came walking down towards it from behind!” he remembered. This incident caused Mitchell to question Hampton’s faithfulness as well as lead to further accusations against her fidelity from others in his circle of family and friends.

According to Mitchell, the final straw came when he received a phone call from an individual claiming they wanted to pursue an affair with Hampton. Mitchell filed for divorce and ended their six-year marriage; sharing two children: Allure and Lyric with Hampton. Since then he has married Asia Lee in January 2012 with whom he now shares Wisdom and Honor as their offspring.

Hampton’s Rebuttal

Tyisha Hampton responded strongly to Mitchell’s accusations. She labeled his allegations as “ridiculous lies,” insisting she never cheated or got pregnant by other men. Hampton insisted Mitchell is indeed their children’s father, with DNA tests to back this claim up; additionally she accused Mitchell of abusiveness during their marriage and being an absent father.

“Dude, are you okay?” Hampton asked in one of her many videos responding to allegations against her. “This is apparently what my husband has been telling people and it has taken on a life of its own, perhaps including five separate men he met therein – all this for what? Just trying to discredit or label me? No that won’t do. Stop trying to paint me as some villainous person who’s going around trying to change reality that didn’t even occur!” That isn’t how things work.”

Public Reaction and Hope for Resolution

Public reaction has been overwhelming since these revelations surfaced, with fans of both Mitchell and Hampton joining the discussion of this controversial situation. Many have voiced shock and disappointment over alleged and counter-alleged allegations; others have called upon them to resolve their differences amicably for the benefit of their children.

Mitchell and Hampton remain hopeful they can find an acceptable co-parenting arrangement, although their public feud remains bitter. Both parties have expressed a wish to put their children’s welfare first, yet no path toward peaceful resolution seems clear. It remains evident from Mitchell and Hampton’s story unfold that many wounds from their marriage remain fresh while feelings remain volatile.

Mitchell and Hampton’s relationship is an eye-opener to the difficulties inherent to high-profile relationships, with public disputations only adding to the difficulty. Both parties should remember the effect that their words and actions will have on their children when sharing their story.

Mitchell and Hampton must find a way to reconcile, for the benefit of themselves as well as their children. Though difficult, this journey should lead to reconciliation and understanding – something the public will certainly be watching closely as they hope for an outcome which puts Allure and Lyric first.

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