Gary Glitter Net Worth, Bio, Career, Early Life & More

Gary Glitter (Paul Francis Gadd) is an English musician, who has a net worth of $8 million. whose early success as part of glam rock movement in the 1970s was undermined by later legal issues concerning child sexual abuse. Although Glitter had several chart-topping hits during this era and significant impact within it, his legacy remains marred due to multiple criminal convictions for child sexual exploitation and assault charges.

What was Gary Glitter’s Early Life Like?

Gary Glitter was born May 8, 1944, in Banbury, England to a single mother who struggled to provide him with adequate childcare services during his formative years. Gadd was drawn to music early and began performing professionally at London clubs while still young.

Gary Glitter initially recorded under the stage name Paul Raven but became known as Gary Glitter during the glam rock movement of the early 70s. His debut album featured “Rock and Roll,” an international hit which cemented Gary Glitter as an iconic figure within this genre of rock music.

How Did Glitter’s Career Decline?

By the mid 1970s, Glitter’s popularity began to decline significantly and announced his retirement. Although several comeback attempts were attempted in later decades, his reputation had already been damaged significantly due to legal troubles beginning late 1990s.

How Did “Rock and Roll, Part 2” Continue Generating Income?

Glitter’s most notable track, “Rock and Roll, Part 2,” was frequently played at American sports events and films until Glitter sold his rights for it in 1997, earning significant royalties along the way.

What were the Circumstances of Glitter’s Criminal Convictions?

Glitter began his fall from grace when child pornography was found on his computer and this resulted in imprisonment in Vietnam on charges for child sexual abuse as well as convictions in both Vietnam and England for multiple sexual offenses – eventually receiving 16-years jail time from authorities here for various offenses committed across both nations.


Gary Glitter’s tale serves as a stark example of how personal failings can derail public careers. While Glitter was once successful in music, criminal actions have left an irreparable mark upon his legacy; royalties from past hits no longer benefit directly him in prison, closing another troubling chapter in an otherwise celebrated musician’s life.

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