Gabriel Macht Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family, Personal Life & More

Gabriel Macht, an award-winning American actor and producer with an estimated net worth of $8 Million shared between himself and actress Jacinda Barrett is best known for playing Harvey Specter on legal drama “Suits”, yet beyond this iconic character there have been other film and television roles which showcase his versatility as an actor.

How Did Macht Launch His Acting Career?

Gabriel Macht was born January 22 in Bronx, New York. At five he moved with his family to California before eventually graduating Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in 1994. Macht’s acting debut occurred when he appeared as Gabriel Swann (age eight years) in “Why Would I Lie” (credited under that name) released in 1980 film by Walt Disney Productions; this early experience would serve him well later as both film and TV actor.

What Are the Highlights of Macht’s Film Career?

Gabriel Macht’s film career can be defined by an array of main and supporting roles that show his versatility and adaptability. After making his initial screen debut in 1996 with roles in “The Object of My Affection” and “The Adventures of Sebastian Cole,” he returned in 1998 with roles in two more projects – both being “American Outlaws” (2001) where he played Frank James; as well as in “Behind Enemy Lines,” where he portrays a Navy Pilot.

One of his more noteworthy roles came in 2008 when he made an unforgettable impression as The Spirit in Frank Miller’s film of the same name, even if its reception wasn’t favorable. Although, reviews for “The Spirit” varied significantly. Macht’s performance nonetheless marked an essential juncture of his career and subsequent appearances include Middle Men (2009), Whiteout (2010) and Love & Other Drugs (2011) – each making significant impressions themselves on audiences worldwide.

What Made “Suits” so Powerful for Macht?

“Suits” was an iconic turning point in Macht’s career, premiering in 2011 as one of the highest rated shows on American television (on both basic and premium cable channels) during nine successful seasons until 2019. Macht earned critical acclaim while solidifying himself as one of television’s leading men with his role of Harvey Specter; his charm and wit mesmerized audiences worldwide and was celebrated for its sharp writing, dynamic character interactions and captivating plot which ran nine successful seasons until 2019. His role not only earned critical acclaim but cemented his place within television’s landscape but cemented his status as leading man television landscape as well.

How Has Gabriel Macht Contributed to Television Outside “Suits”?

Gabriel Macht boasts an extensive television portfolio. He was featured in BBC television film Archangel (2005) and had main roles on NBC series such as “The Others”. Additionally, early guest roles appeared frequently such as Sex and the City and Spin City which all played into building his reputation for versatility on-screen.

Who Is Gabriel Macht’s Family?

Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett met while acting together on MTV’s The Real World: London series in 1997 and later appearing in films like “The Last Kiss” and television shows like “Bloodline”. They married in 2004 and have two children together. Additionally, Barrett appeared alongside Macht as part of “Suits.”

What Is Macht’s Personal Life and Background Significance?

Macht’s upbringing within an artistic family–his father Stephen Macht also being an actor–has had an enormous effect on his choices of acting roles and artistic aesthetic. At Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts he gained an education that has given him a solid foundation in performing arts roles since. This has become apparent throughout all his roles played since.


Gabriel Macht impressive and longstanding career stands as evidence of his talent within the entertainment industry. Beginning as an unpromising child actor to becoming one of the iconic roles on “Suits”, Macht has proven his versatility by adapting effortlessly across genres and roles – while continuing his success across film and television, promising yet more captivating and captivating performances in future projects.

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