Ernie Garcia Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life & More

Ernest Garcia III has made himself a stand-out presence in the highly competitive automotive sector by co-founding and leading Carvana, an online-only used car retailer. From Stanford graduate to Forbes billionaires list is testament to Ernest’s vision, leadership skills and disruptive force of Carvana on automotive sales sectors around the globe.

Who Is Ernest Garcia III?

Ernest Garcia III grew up immersed in the world of business and entrepreneurship from birth. By earning his Bachelors in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University in 2005, Garcia was well equipped for taking on the challenges presented in business life – knowledge acquired at one of the world’s premier institutions provided him a firm grasp on both theoretical and practical elements of both management science & engineering, giving him an advantage in revolutionizing car buying experiences across North America.

What was Garcia’s Path into Automotive Manufacturing?

In 2007, Garcia started working at DriveTime, owned by his father and dedicated to selling used cars with financing options tailored for individuals with poor credit histories. While at DriveTime, Garcia spent considerable time learning the intricacies of automotive sales as well as its related financial services – here he saw an opportunity for innovation.

How Did Carvana Originate?

Carvana began with Garcia’s vision to revolutionize the used car market through an accessible, transparent, and customer-friendly purchasing experience. Co-founded with Ryan Keeton and Ben Huston as a subsidiary of DriveTime in 2012, Carvana set itself apart by providing customers with online car shopping capabilities as well as vending machine experience – offering seamless car purchase process while eliminating typical dealership hassles associated with buying cars. This idea marked an innovative departure from traditional dealership models while alleviating problems often encountered while searching for and purchasing their next ride.

What Role Did Garcia Play at Carvana?

As President and CEO of Carvana, Gary Garcia has played an instrumental role in shaping its strategic direction and culture. Under his guidance, Carvana not only expanded across the United States but also implemented several innovative technologies that have enhanced car buying processes. Furthermore, his leadership played a pivotal role when the company split off from DriveTime in 2017 to go public – his guidance as chairman continued guiding Carvana toward greater innovation and market expansion.

Where Does Garcia Live and Who are his Acquaintances?

Ernest Garcia III lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Liza whom he first met when they were both his partners in an earlier romantic relationship. Together they share three children. Although most aspects of Ernest’s private life remain relatively private, his personal ties to Arizona shine through his professional endeavours which are managed here as well.

What Is Ernest Garcia III’s Net Worth?

Forbes estimates Ernest Garcia III to have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $10 billion dollars, placing him as one of America’s 513 richest persons and 894th globally. A large component of his success lies with Carvana’s innovative approach to selling used vehicles.


Ernest Garcia III’s success in the automotive industry stands as testament to innovative thinking, strategic leadership and entrepreneurial tenacity. From Stanford days through leading one of the most disruptive used car markets today – Carvana in particular – Garcia’s story stands as one of remarkable achievement for modern business. His vision for creating more customer-friendly experiences for buying vehicles not only transformed how consumers purchase vehicles but set new industry standards that continue to change the future of car sales sales. Carvana continues under his guidance to simplify car purchases across North America while his innovative thinking shapes the future car sales industry watchful eyes!

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