Craig Federighi Net Worth, How Rich Is Craig Federighi Now?

Craig Federighi plays an indispensable role at Apple Inc. as Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. Since rejoining in 2009, Federighi has played a crucial role in shaping both iOS and macOS; his teams create software essential to Apple products’ innovative features like the user interface or frameworks underlying them.

Federighi began his tech industry career at NeXT (subsequently purchased by Apple). Subsequently he spent significant time at Ariba as Chief Technology Officer before departing to start up a venture of his own – Ariba Commerce Inc – serving on its Board and eventually as its CTO as well. Federighi graduated with both Master’s degrees in Computer Science as well as Electrical Engineering & Computer Science degrees from University of California Berkeley.

How Much Is Craig Federighi Worth?

According to August 2018 data, Craig Federighi estimated his net worth as being at least $148 Million. This estimate comes primarily from holdings valued at $79 Million within Apple Inc. stock as well as past sales amounting to more than $68 Million; not to mention active participation in trading its shares every 38 days since 2012. Notably, Federighi has also played an instrumental role as Apple stock has fluctuated during that timeframe averaging transactions every 38 Days or less since 2012.

What Has Federighi Done at Apple?

Since Federighi took on his position, Apple has released numerous versions of macOS and iOS, each providing significant enhancements that continue to push users’ expectations forward. His oversight spans all aspects of software creation at the company – from architectural design to feature integration – in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and user satisfaction from both operating systems.

What Are the Details of Federighi’s Insider Trading?

Since 2014, Craig Federighi has made numerous trades of Apple Inc. stock with the SEC; one significant transaction occurred August 9, 2018, when he sold 47,796 units valued at nearly $10 million to close a loan from Citi. Furthermore, on August 23, 2016 he exercised 175,000 units worth more than $33 million before owning at least 412,571 shares as of his last filing demonstrating his deep dedication and investment into Apple Inc.’s future success.

How Does Apple Inc. Function?

Apple Inc. of Cupertino, California, is widely acknowledged as an innovator of technology. By 2023 it had grown into one of the top three technology companies by revenue, having generated $394.3 billion worldwide that same year. Furthermore, its high market capitalization status makes Apple one of the most valuable corporations globally due to its extensive product and service offering that spans smartphones, computers, tablets and online services.

Conclusion: What Are Apple’s Future Prospects with Craig Federighi at the Helm?

Craig Federighi will undoubtedly play an increasingly crucial role at Apple as it innovates at the crossroads between hardware and software development. With each release of iOS or macOS, Federighi’s vision for an seamless user experience nears fruition further strengthening Apple’s market dominance while setting future technology trends; thus marking him not just the technological heart but also a cornerstone for its long-term success.

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