Brock Lesnar Wife & Sable’s Relationship With Brock Lesnar Has Shaped Their Lives?

Rena Lesnar (aka Sable), otherwise known as Rena Greek when she entered WWE as Sable, not only married acclaimed wrestler Brock Lesnar but was herself an influential female WWE star herself. Born Rena Greek she married Brock Lesnar in 2006 and together they are one of the most well-known couples in professional wrestling today.

What were Sable’s Contributions to WWE?

Sable made her WWE debut in 1996 and quickly rose to stardom; by 1998 she had captured the Women’s Championship at Survivor Series. Famed for her charismatic presence and fierce competitive nature, her catchphrase of ‘This is for all the women who want to be me…and the men who come watch me…” became legendary among audiences worldwide. Additionally, during both initial runs as well as her successful comeback attempt in 2003 her tenure marked with groundbreaking moments that helped redefine women’s roles within wrestling history.

How Did Sable Challenge the Norms in Wrestling?

Sable was more than just an ordinary wrestler; she represented empowerment for women working in what had traditionally been male dominated industries such as wrestling. Her 1999 lawsuit against World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) for sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions highlighted many of the obstacles women encountered as they attempted to make their mark within wrestling at that time – specifically performing unsafe stunts under pressure; her story highlighted problems within this industry at that time as it showed women as part of its workforce at that time that weren’t addressed during that year alone!

What Prompted Sable’s Departure From WWE?

Sable initially left WWE in 1999 due to her success but returned briefly before leaving once more in 2004 for personal and career reasons related to Brock Lesnar; her second departure allowed her to fully focus on supporting Lesnar while moving away from full-time wrestling roles.

How Does Sable Influence Women in Wrestling?

Sable has left an immeasurable mark on how women in wrestling are seen today. She challenged convention by showing audiences and main event audiences alike that female wrestlers could draw audiences and serve as main attractions, instead of simply acting as sideshows or sideshow acts. Sable’s blend of athleticism and persona made waves for female performers in general and set an important precedent for today’s female stars who enjoy more equity when it comes to screen time and storyline coverage.

What Does Sable Have Outside the Ring?

Beyond wrestling, Sable has explored various avenues outside the ring including modeling for major brands such as L’Oreal, Guess and Pepsi as well as appearing three times on Playboy magazine covers where she had full control over both image and narrative – further cementing herself as a multidimensional performer.

Sable’s Relationship With Brock Lesnar Has Shaped Their Lives?

Sable and Brock Lesnar’s relationship has had both personal and professional ramifications in their lives. Lesnar credits Sable as being “a solid rock”. Their wedding in 2006 followed an intimate proposal at Orlando Airport; marking not just life itself but wrestling world complexity together as well. Together they share two sons named Turk and Duke while Sable serves as stepmother to Lesnar from previous relationships.


Rena “Sable” Lesnar leaves an extraordinary legacy as one of women’s wrestling’s pioneers and resilient characters. From her groundbreaking WWE debut to becoming mother and partner roles later, Sable has navigated her professional and personal lives with both strength and grace – something Brock Lesnar still relies upon today while enjoying a quieter lifestyle outside the spotlight. Her story remains an inspiring chapter in women’s wrestling’s rich history; one which highlights her significant contributions in changing landscape for future female wrestlers.

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