Ava Jones Accident, Examine Ava Jones’s Net Worth.

Ava Jones, a standout basketball player from Nickerson and Iowa women’s basketball commit, along with her mother Amy Jones, Nickerson’s assistant superintendent, are set to move from the intensive care unit at the University of Louisville Hospital to the Frazier Rehab Center this week. Ava, 18, and Amy, 45, have shown significant progress in their recovery following a devastating car crash. Ava’s current estimated net worth is $50,000, primarily from her sports career and endorsements.

What is the Current Status of Ava and Amy Jones?

According to an update on a dedicated Facebook group, Ava Jones is no longer in the intensive care unit, and Amy Jones is expected to join her in rehab soon. Both will be placed in the same room at the Frazier Rehab Center to aid their recovery process. Mary Jones, Ava’s grandmother and Trey Jones’ mother, shared, “Ava has shown a lot of improvement. We want the girls close together for now but intend to find placement closer to home.”

How Did the Accident Impact the Jones Family?

The family was involved in a tragic accident on July 5 in downtown Louisville while in town for an AAU basketball tournament. Trey Jones, husband to Amy and father to Ava, succumbed to his injuries last week. The hospital conducted an honor walk for Trey on July 10, allowing family members to bid him farewell before his organs were donated. This devastating event has left the community rallying to support the Jones family.

What Efforts Are Being Made to Support the Jones Family?

The community has come together with numerous fundraising initiatives to assist the Jones family during this difficult time. One notable event is a field day fundraiser hosted by Hutchinson High School DECA, scheduled for August 13 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Don Michael Field. The event will feature yard games, food trucks, and various activities, with all proceeds going toward the Jones Family. Entry is $5, and Nickerson students and community members are encouraged to participate and volunteer.

How is the Local Community Involved in Fundraising?

The Hutchinson DECA students organized a similar event last summer to support the Evans family when softball coach and teacher Clayton Evans suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Reflecting on the community’s support, Evans said, “It lifted my spirits to see everyone helping and supporting my family. Fast forward almost a year, and we’d love to do the same for the Jones family.”

Additionally, Buhler volleyball will host a sand volleyball tournament on July 30 and 31. Due to the high number of registered teams, games will be played at two locations: Carey Park volleyball courts by Salt City Splash and Fun Valley sand volleyball courts.

What Other Fundraising Initiatives Are Planned?

Gold Nutrition in Winfield will offer a specialty tea named “The Jones Tea” on July 29. The tea, colored blue and purple to represent Amy and Trey Jones’ affiliation with Southwestern College, will have all profits donated to the Jones Family Fund account at the People’s Bank and Trust in Hutchinson. Both Amy and Trey were graduates of Southwestern College and had careers in education at Winfield and Arkansas City before returning to Nickerson.

How Can People Contribute to the Jones Family Fund?

Community members can donate directly to the Jones Family Fund at the People’s Bank and Trust in Hutchinson and Nickerson. The Jones Family GoFundMe page has also garnered significant support, with donations exceeding $125,000. Additionally, shirts to support the Jones family are available for purchase through a link on the Jones Family Updates Facebook group, priced at $20 each.

What Does the Future Hold for Ava and Amy Jones?

As Ava and Amy transition to the Frazier Rehab Center, the focus remains on their continued recovery and eventual return home. The community’s support has been overwhelming, providing not only financial assistance but also emotional strength for the Jones family. The hope is that Ava and Amy’s improvement will continue, allowing them to eventually be closer to their supportive home community.

The tragic loss of Trey Jones has undoubtedly left a deep void, but the honor walk and organ donation stand as a testament to his legacy and the lives he continues to touch. The combined efforts of fundraisers, community events, and personal donations highlight the solidarity and compassion of the Nickerson and surrounding communities in supporting one of their own.

As Ava and Amy embark on the next phase of their recovery, the continued prayers, support, and contributions from the community will be vital in their journey toward healing and finding a new sense of normalcy.

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