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Antonio Brown recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce his plans of becoming a father for the seventh time despite not playing NFL since 2021 season. Unfortunately, however, this news was met with harsh criticism rather than warm support, sparking heated online discussions on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Controversial Response

Brown’s announcement was met with mixed responses by fans and followers, both positive and negative. Instead of receiving numerous congratulatory messages, his announcement elicited negative commentary via social media; many users quickly voiced their opinions; some particularly harsh commentary was popularly shared – one user wrote “Generational CTE from CLOWNTONIO,” while another commented with, “Nahhh AB you gotta chill dawg.” These reactions showcase the public’s mixed view on him given his controversial career and off-field scandals.

Legacy and Criticism

Antonio Brown’s career has been marked by both incredible highs and dramatic lows. Nearly ten years ago, during 2014 season he led NFL in receptions and receiving yards, cementing his position as one of its premiere wide receivers. His impressive talent and work ethic were evident as he consistently led statistical categories like receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns etc.

Brown’s later years in the NFL were marked by controversy and unpredictable behavior. Brown’s departure from Pittsburgh Steelers marked just the start of an unexpected string of exits from several teams he joined; brief stints with Oakland Raiders (that ended before any regular-season game was played), New England Patriots and even more dramatic teams all ended without him ever playing regular season football!

Final NFL Stint

Brown enjoyed a brief resurgence when he joined Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2020-2021, contributing significantly to their offense and playing an instrumental part in winning Super Bowl LV. Unfortunately, during a game against New York Jets he left mid-game while stripping off his gear before leaving the stadium, effectively signaling the end of his NFL career at 33.


Brown’s announcement elicited mixed responses among fans, some celebrating his on-field achievements while others could not forget his many controversies and unpredictable behavior during his career – such as legal matters and public disputes that overshadowed many of his football achievements.

Recent news that Brown is expecting his seventh child has further complicated his public image and reignited conversations about his personal life and the responsibilities associated with fatherhood, prompting critics to question whether or not he can manage these responsibilities given his previous behavior, while supporters argue his personal life should remain separate from his professional one.


mes Antonio Brown remains one of the most divisive figures in sports. His announcement that he and wife Brittany are expecting their seventh child has once again thrust him into the public eye, not so much for his football abilities but more so because of scrutiny surrounding his personal life. Brown has had both outstanding athletic achievements as well as several controversial episodes throughout his career that have left an indelible mark upon it; these debates and discussions on social media and elsewhere serve to remind us all about the complex struggles professional athletes face both on and off the field.

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