Will Forte Wife, Meet Forte’s New Wife Olivia Modling

Will Forte of “Saturday Night Live,” has recently taken on two life-altering roles – fatherhood and marriage. At 51, his personal life blossomed as he married Olivia Modling in a surprise ceremony and welcomed 10-month old Zoe into their lives. Here’s more information on these significant events happening to him as an actor.

How Did Will Forte and Olivia Modling Meet?

Will Forte and Olivia Modling met by accident and quickly developed an intimacy that quickly deepened. Before global lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic began, Forte made his move by proposing marriage. Their engagement set into motion a partnership which eventually included starting their family together.

What Made Their Wedding Unique?

Will Forte and Olivia Modling decided on an unconventional twist fit for an unconventional comedian by opting for an unconventional wedding ceremony in Jorma Taccone’s backyard in New Mexico. Taccone, one of the creators of MacGruber series hosted it during filming of latest installment. Seizing on this opportunity presented by convergence of friends and family gathering in Albuquerque they made up their minds quickly to turn an ordinary gathering into their wedding ceremony on short notice!

Why choose an unplanned wedding?

Forte and Modling made their decision for a surprise wedding easily; due to an ongoing pandemic and many people postponing or canceling plans due to work commitments nearby, Forte and Modling took an easygoing approach when celebrating their union – leading them to spontaneously arrange such an intimate and memorable affair as Forte’s parents were truly taken aback at seeing Forte arrive with his groom.

How Has Marriage Changed Will Forte’s Life?

Forte admits that being married doesn’t feel drastically different due to the strong foundation they had established between themselves, yet he does appreciate some new aspects, like calling Modling his “wife” and wearing an engagement ring. Forte expresses immense appreciation for her patience and understanding – attributes he believes essential for their successful partnership.

What Are Will Forte’s Next Moves?

Will Forte has long delighted audiences with his unique brand of comedic storytelling. “MacGruber,” an adaptation of Will Forte’s popular “Saturday Night Live” skit spoofing the “MacGyver” TV series is set to premiere December 16 on Peacock and promises the same quirky humor that fans of Forte have become accustomed to seeing him deliver.

Will Forte has experienced remarkable personal transformation over the past several months. From his spontaneous wedding and daughter’s arrival to continuing to balance his roles as husband and father while simultaneously managing his comedic career – Forte remains an inspiring figure when it comes to managing both.

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