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Darren Dutchyshen, fondly known as “Dutchy,” was a active presence within the realm of broadcasting sports. He was born and bred in the tiny village located in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan, Dutchyshen became a professional with a lively personality which made him an easy choice on camera. In spite of the fact that there were only a few television stations in his home town his early days did not include broadcasting idols but rather was shaped by his charismatic and lively personality.

What Made Dutchyshen Stand Out?

From his first days in Global Saskatoon (then STV) through his time at TSN Dutchyshen’s professional career was distinguished by his friendly demeanor and the genuine bond viewers felt for his personality. His style of broadcasting wasn’t just about providing sports information, but also about providing the experience of viewers that were engaging and informative. This unique approach allowed him to connect with viewers by making viewers feel like they knew him personally even though they’d never met him.

How Did Dutchyshen’s Career Progress?

Dutchyshen’s career in broadcasting was exciting and inspiring. When he was just 23 he was determined to reach a large nationwide audience. His goals in the field included the roles of color commentary as well as play-by-play and hosting major hockey games. His drive to succeed saw him shift from local broadcasting to national and achieving his initial goals and setting the standard for future sports journalists.

What Impact Did Dutchyshen Have on Others?

Dutchyshen was not just a well-known broadcaster, but was also an example of dedication and work that reflected the Saskatchewan roots. His interactions with notable figures such as Scott Flory, a former professional footballer as well as a Canadian Football Hall of Fame inductee, demonstrated his capacity to establish immediate connections, based on common backgrounds and beliefs. Dutchyshen was proud of his Western attitude to work that he believed was the most important characteristic of a lot of Canadians particularly those who came who hail from Saskatchewan.

What Will Dutchyshen Be Remembered For?

Dutchyshen’s legacy goes beyond his broadcasting accomplishments. He is renowned by his lively personality and his ability to interact with his viewers in a meaningful way, and his commitment to his profession. His passing isn’t just an emotional loss for his colleagues and family members but also to the thousands of viewers who welcomed his presence in their houses and lives.


The story of Darren Dutchyshen’s rise from a young boy in a small-town with big goals to a renowned nation-wide sportscaster is testimony to his talents and dedication to his job, as well as the impact he made on his viewers as well as the profession that is sports journalism. His legacy will continue to inspire the next generations of sports broadcasters.

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