Trump Rally Wildwood, How Did the Trump Rally Impact Local Businesses?

The former president’s recently held a rally in Wildwood is believed to have happened just at the right moment business owners in the area, bringing an infusion of activity and income. A typical Saturday in May will be a time when businesses would close early, but the flood of guests changed the mood significantly this year. Businesses such as Dougherty who owns a local restaurant and bar saw a dramatic increase in patrons. This unexpected crowd gave an enormous increase in his income and allowed him to pay the essential expenses, like drinks and food and was described by him as an “big, big help.”

Isabel Betancourt, who attended the rally, expressed joy, noting that the event created an atmosphere of holiday celebrations to the city well ahead of even Memorial Day weekend. The sentiment was shared by many others who believed that the rally did not just provide an opportunity to engage in politics, but also provided community economic benefits.

What Economic Impact Did the Event Have?

The economic implications of such an event with a lot of attention are huge. Wildwood mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr. stated that the city anticipates the economic impact of the rally to exceed millions. The influx of people is not just beneficial in the short run in terms of sales growth, but will also increase branding visibility for local businesses catering to the more pedestrian circulation.

Are Businesses Optimistic About Memorial Day Weekend?

Due to the popularity in the Trump rally local businesses are more optimistic about the Memorial Day weekend, traditionally one of the busiest periods during the season for tourists to places like Wildwood. The favorable weather will improve business prospects, bringing more tourists to the area, and reversing or even exceeding the economic growth that was experienced in the aftermath of the event.


Recent Trump protest in Wildwood gave the area a huge economic boost in a period when businesses generally see lower business. The surge of tourists greatly benefited local businesses and allowed them to manage costs better and be prepared for the coming season. In the midst of Memorial Day weekend on the near horizon, the enthusiasm for the local entrepreneurs is evident and they are hopeful for a long-lasting good weather and a booming tourist industry.

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