Trina Mcgee Kids, Actor Trina McGee, 54, Is Expecting One More child

The beloved “Boy Meets World” alum Trina McGee recently shared some exciting personal news on Instagram. At the age of 54, McGee announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child. In her heartfelt post, she thanked her followers for their prayers and well-wishes, expressing her hope for a safe delivery. The announcement was accompanied by the classic tune “Baby Love” by The Supremes, adding a nostalgic touch to her joyful news.

A Growing Family

This upcoming addition will be McGee’s first child with her husband, Marcello Thedford, to whom she has been married for nearly two decades. McGee is already a mother to three adult children: Ramia, 31, Langston, 29, and Ezra, 25. Her two older children are from her previous marriage to Courtland Davis. McGee’s family is about to welcome a new member, marking a significant and joyous milestone in their lives.

Career Highlights

Trina McGee is best known for her role as Angela Moore on “Boy Meets World,” where she played the love interest of Shawn Hunter, portrayed by Rider Strong. McGee joined the cast for the final three seasons of the show, which wrapped in 2000. Her character became a fan favorite, adding depth and warmth to the series. In a recent Instagram post, McGee revealed that she was six months pregnant while filming an episode in 1998, highlighting her dedication and professionalism during her time on the show.

Trend of Older Mothers

McGee’s pregnancy at 54 is part of a growing trend of women having children later in life. Data from the CDC shows that the average age for first-time mothers in the U.S. has reached a record high of 27.3 years old. While overall birth rates have declined, there has been a notable increase in births among women aged 45 to 49. From 2021 to 2022, the number of babies born to women in this age group rose by 12%, marking the first increase since 2016.

Reasons for Delaying Pregnancy

Several factors contribute to the trend of delaying pregnancy. Many women prioritize education and career before starting a family. Financial stability is another significant consideration, as the costs associated with raising children continue to rise. Additionally, some women wait longer to find the right partner. This trend is particularly noticeable among celebrities, who often have demanding careers and hectic schedules.

Celebrity Mothers

Trina McGee is not alone in choosing to expand her family later in life. Other celebrities who have had children in their later years include Janet Jackson, who welcomed her first child at 50, and Naomi Campbell, who announced the birth of her daughter at the same age. Chloë Sevigny gave birth to her first child at 45, and Hilary Swank recently announced her pregnancy with twins at 48. These high-profile cases highlight a broader societal shift towards later motherhood.

Advanced Maternal Age

While having children later in life is becoming more common, it is still considered “advanced maternal age” for women over 35. This designation comes with increased risks, including miscarriage, congenital disorders, and high blood pressure. These risks are primarily due to a decline in egg quality as women age. However, the overall health of the mother plays a crucial role in the health of the pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can mitigate some of these risks, as noted by the Cleveland Clinic.

Health Considerations

The health of older expectant mothers is paramount to ensuring a successful pregnancy. Regular prenatal care, a balanced diet, and an active lifestyle are essential components of a healthy pregnancy. Older mothers are often monitored more closely to manage potential complications effectively. Advances in medical technology and prenatal care have made it possible for many women to have healthy pregnancies and deliveries well into their 40s and 50s.


Trina McGee’s pregnancy announcement at 54 is a heartwarming addition to the growing trend of older motherhood. Her journey, along with those of other celebrities, reflects changing societal norms and advancements in healthcare that support later-life pregnancies. As McGee prepares to welcome her fourth child, she joins a list of inspiring women who are redefining the boundaries of motherhood. Fans and followers will undoubtedly continue to support and celebrate her as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.

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