Tony Evans New Wife & What Does Their Marriage Signify for Their Ministry?

Dr. Tony Evans has long been considered a cornerstone in Christian communities around the globe. Serving as pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas for over thirty years and inspiring countless lives with his teachings of deep faith and dynamic preaching; additionally founding The Urban Alternative ministry which now reaches global audiences with Christian broadcasts ministry content.

What Led to Dr. Evans’ Recent Marriage?

In an emotional union characterized by shared experiences and mutual understanding, Dr. Tony Evans married Dr. Carla Crummie three months after sharing their engagement announcement during an emotive moment during church services. This celebratory event brought great happiness.

Who Is Carla Crummie (Dr. Carla Crummie, also known as Mrs. Evans)?

Carla Crummie is an esteemed Christian counselor, author, and Kindness Ambassador with The Urban Alternative. Carla shares an emotional bond with Dr. Evans as both have experienced significant losses; Carla lost her first husband en route to Lois Evans funeral service – something Dr. Evans experienced himself shortly thereafter.

What Makes Their Story Unique?

Drs Evans and Crummie share an extraordinary narrative which features divine timing. Both experienced widowhood as they suffered close family member deaths simultaneously; therefore their marriage stands as proof of healing after loss and the power of love after sorrow.

How Has the Community Reacted?

Their announcement was met with joy and support from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship community as well as beyond. Their church shared an encouraging statement on social media celebrating both marriage itself and the couple’s commitment to serving Christ together – this union brings both renewal and joy for themselves as well as those they minister too.

What Does Their Marriage Signify for Their Ministry?

Dr. Crummie brings extensive Christian counseling expertise while Dr. Evans brings vast pastoral experience – making the two an excellent team for providing insights and assistance within the local community. Their shared journey of loss and recovery may bring hope and direction for others facing similar obstacles in life.


Drs. Tony Evans and Carla Crummie’s marriage stands as an impressive testament to the power of love and faith to heal our hearts after experiencing heartache in life. Through finding joy after heartache and with support from their faith community and church family behind them, their union signals hope of continued service, love, leadership, community leadership. While personal celebration is inevitable at any marriage ceremony, their union also honors shared faith while signalling its lasting power for future generations.

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