Toni Kroos Retirement, Announces His Farewell To Real Madrid From Soccer

Toni Kroos, Germany’s midfield maestro, announced recently his intention to retire after Euro 2024, marking an incredible career which saw him become one of the greatest midfielders ever seen in football history. Since joining Real Madrid from Bayern Munich for EUR25 million in 2014 – having amassed 21 trophies including four Champions League championships since joining Real Madrid! – Toni has made history.

What Did Jude Bellingham Have To Say About Kroos?

Jude Bellingham, who made a move from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid during last summer, gave an emotive tribute to Kroos on Instagram: “One year wasn’t enough. Thank you for everything you’ve given to the game as both fan and teammate; it has been my absolute pleasure watching your football and personality as both fan and teammate alike – an absolute pleasure enjoying both as fan but even more so as teammate; still some work left this season but wish all the best with whatever comes next – LEGEND! 8”. Bellingham’s post revealed how much respect he holds for Kroos while emphasizing how influential Kroos has had had had on both teammates as quickly as one year had past.

How did Kroos Respond to Bellingham’s Message?

Kroos responded to Bellingham’s emotional post by commenting, “Thank you my friend. More years together would have been unfair; since your arrival we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each moment with you! At age 20… this exchange illustrated not only their mutual admiration for one another but also Kroos’ recognition of Bellingham’s talent as well as readiness to play an integral part of Real Madrid.

What Has Kroos Contributed to Real Madrid?

Toni Kroos’ impact at Real Madrid has been enormous. Not only has he helped win numerous titles with Real, he brought stability, vision and precision to their midfield. Kroos became legendary due to his extraordinary passing accuracy which always exceeded 92% since joining. According to Opta he holds the highest passing accuracy (93.7%) among players across all five European leagues since 2014 while ranking fifth for assists during that same timeframe with 92 assists recorded since his arrival at Madrid.

What Are Some Recallable Moments From Kroos’ Career?

One highlight from Kroos’ performance this season was his assist to Vinicius Jr. that led directly to a goal and demonstrated his vision and execution on the pitch. Together with Luka Modric and Casemiro, Kroos formed an unstoppable midfield trio which played an essential role in multiple Champions League triumphs across Europe.

What Are Kroos’ Plans After Retirement?

Kroos’ retirement following Euro 2024 marks an illustrious career of excellence and professionalism that leaves his mark upon football worldwide. While plans regarding his post-retirement are yet to be confirmed, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate discovering whether Kroos continues in football or explores unchartered waters; his knowledge and expertise of this game would surely make him invaluable in any capacity that awaits him post-retirement.

Conclusion Toni Kroos’ retirement marks an end to an era of midfield dominance at Real Madrid and will long be remembered for generations. Real Madrid prepares to bid farewell to one of their greatest players as attention shifts toward younger talents such as Jude Bellingham who are poised to carry forward his legacy; after his farewell season ends on 2023/2024 season will mark not just an illustrious career arc but a new chapter of their long and celebrated history.

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