Tom Schwartz Girlfriend, Know All Details Here!

Tom Schwartz, a well-known character from the reality television program Vanderpump Rules, has confirmed recently that he’s been engaged to Sophia Skoro. The romance comes 2 years following his public breakup with Katie Maloney, his ex-wife and co-star. Sophia Skoro is considerably younger than Schwartz who is 23 which means she is 18 years his older. Despite the vast age gap the two seem to be unaffected and seem to be enjoying the time they spend together.

What happened when Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro met?

Sophia Skoro first encountered Tom Schwartz in the summer of 2023 in the popular bar he runs, TomTom, located in West Hollywood. According to Schwartz in an appearance in Nick Viall’s show the Viall Files, it was Skoro who first made the move. A casual conversation led to an instant connection that has developed into a relationship. Schwartz is happy that their encounter felt genuine and real and not an outcome of him trying to find a younger person.

What do we know about Sophia Skoro?

Sophia Skoro is originally from Portland, Oregon, and she relocated into Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Oregon in June 2022 with a degree from marketing. Her professional journey began at Publicis an internationally renowned advertising and marketing firm. As the associate planner for media in the month of December 2022. Skoro currently works for significant clients, such as TikTok which is where she is involved in planning campaigns as well as planning strategies for the investment team for digital.

What have Tom Schwartz said about their relationship?

In his interview with April 2024 in the April 2024 interview with Access Hollywood, Tom Schwartz spoke highly of Sophia Skoro, describing her as “effing cool,” charismatic intelligent, and unconventionally hilarious. He joked that she’s “way cooler” than he is, and expressed his appreciation for her character and personality. The relationship between them, although somewhat new, has revealed an intimacy that stems from genuine respect and love.

Are there any concerns with an age-related gap?

The age gap among Schwartz and Skoro could cause some to raise their eyebrows but it doesn’t appear to be an issue for either. Both have discussed the issue in numerous interviews, stating that the bond and chemistry between them far surpass any possible issues that could arise due to their age differences. They’re focused on having fun as well as getting acquainted with one more, not worrying about what other people might consider.

What are they doing about their relationships in the public eye?

Being that is in the spotlight isn’t easy, particularly due to the additional stress of being part of a renowned reality show like Vanderpump Rules. But, Schwartz and Skoro appear to be coping well and with Schwartz being a veteran of handling public scrutiny from his previous relationship. They’re going about the relationship in a relaxed pace, and not hurrying anything as they look into their relationship.

What’s the future in store what lies ahead Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro?

At the moment, the couple are happy to be meeting up and getting to know each other. They haven’t announced any announcements publicly about the future plans, such as the possibility of a wedding and living in the same house. Their focus is still on building solid foundations and enjoying their time with each other, despite the public’s demands or the pressure.


Tom Schwartz’s relationship and Sophia Skoro highlights a fresh chapter in his personal life, with an open and friendly approach to navigating the challenges when dating someone in spotlight. While they continue to investigate their relationship the story of their journey is an illustration of the notion that true connections can be formed in the most unexpected locations and in the most unexpected circumstances. Since both parties have accepted their relationship with a wholehearted commitment it is looking promising for this couple.

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