Tom Sandoval New Girlfriend, Who is Tom Sandoval’s New Partner?

A year and a half after the infamous breakup that engulfed Tom Sandoval‘s ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, and the “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, Tom Sandoval is back in love.¬†The time is with actress Victoria Lee Robinson.¬†Famous for his dramatic break-up from Madix in a scene that was known as “Scandoval,” Sandoval is changing his ways with Robinson whom he’s been seeing since the beginning of 2024.

Victoria Lee Robinson is not simply any model. She is an experienced professional with high experience. Assigned by Ford Models, Robinson has been able to establish a significant fan base on the social networks. In spite of the fact that her Instagram accounts being secret, the account has more than 350,000 followers. The past also includes the brief romance in the summer of 2016 with Leonardo DiCaprio in the summer of 2016, showing her acquaintance with famous relationships.

What Has Been Said About Their Relationship?

The couple’s relationship appears to be thriving as insiders close to them sharing snippets of their chemistry. An insider told PEOPLE the magazine Sandoval as well as Robinson were “hanging out and enjoying their time together.” This was confirmed by Sandoval himself on “The Viall Files” podcast where he stated that the fact that he is “ready to protect someone’s heart.”

Also, in an appearance in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” in February 2024, Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s closest friend, spoke with Sandoval about his relationship. Schwartz’s comments provided a additional layer of support for the couple’s new romance and emphasized the positive impact Robinson appears to have on Sandoval.

What Does This Mean for Tom Sandoval?

To Tom Sandoval, this new relationship could be a significant pivotal moment. After the turbulent end of his first relationship, which was a mess and publicized and sloppy, finding a new partner could change his image in the public eye and personal life. The willingness to move forward and safeguard Robinson’s heart reveals an intention to learn from the mistakes of his past and create a more harmonious that is more dynamic.

How Has the Public Reacted?

The reaction of the public to the new relationship between Sandoval and Robinson has been a mixed one and some have shown their support for his new venture however, others remain uneasy due to his previous relationships. But the focus is predominantly about how Sandoval is managing this new chapter, and whether he will be able to keep an enduring and respectful relationship with Robinson and contrasts starkly with the tense nature of his previous relationships.


Tom Sandoval’s relationship to Victoria Lee Robinson marks a important chapter in his life. It is a symbol of the process of healing and rebirth following the media-spread break-up. As they continue to navigate their burgeoning relationship in the spotlight it will be interesting to find out how Sandoval handles his past and if it is possible to move forward with Robinson.

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