Tom Brady Dating Now, Who Is He Dating After Divorce?

Tom Brady may have found love again following his highly publicized divorce from supermodel Gisele Bundchen. According to reports, former NFL star is currently dating model Irina Shayk who works for Victoria’s Secret and various high fashion labels; these two have been seen together multiple times leading to speculation as regards to whether or not their relationship could become serious.

When Did Tom Brady and Irina Shayk Meet?

Shayk and Brady first came into contact at Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick’s wedding reception on Sardinia last June, according to sources at TMZ. Shayk was among several models at that event who seemed particularly drawn to Brady; she expressed an interest for him according to reports by media outlets like BuzzFeed News. After initially denial from Shayk’s representative, reports have since confirmed regular communication between both individuals since that first encounter.

What Has Been Said Regarding Their Relationship?

Insiders familiar with Brady and Shayk have spoken up about their connection. A source told People magazine that the couple has been “in touch for several weeks”, with both enjoying being around each other while exploring where their romance might lead them. Though in its infancy, many observers view this relationship as strong with significant potential ahead.

How Are They Handling Their New Relationship?

UsWeekly reported that Brady and Shayk aren’t exactly keeping their new relationship under wraps, yet are also not making public displays to draw too much attention to it. People close to them describe it as having “natural vibes with off the charts chemistry”. Despite public curiosity however, these two are taking things slowly, prioritizing privacy while letting their romance progress without external scrutiny or pressure.

What Was Brady’s Announcement Regarding His Divorce?

Tom Brady took to Instagram on Monday evening to announce his divorce from Gisele Bundchen after 13 years of marriage, noting it as mutual and amicable while thanking Gisele for their time together as well as thanking their “beautiful and wonderful children.” His statement demonstrated a thoughtful approach towards what had to have been a painful decision for both parties involved.

How is Your Family Coping Post-Divorce?

Brady made clear in his announcement that his children will remain the focus of his life, with both him and Bundchen vowing to work collaboratively as parents to give their offspring all of the love and attention they require for healthy development. Their co-parenting relationship appears based on mutual respect as both strive to ensure each of their offspring enjoy a fulfilling existence.

What Does Brady and Shayk Have Ahead?

Although still early days in their relationship, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk appear hopeful. According to sources close to them both, both parties appear happy as they adjust well to this new phase in their lives; with both parties respecting privacy while taking an indirect approach in public outings; we shall see what comes of it!

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk’s new relationship marks an exciting chapter in his personal life following his divorce from Gisele Bundchen, as they navigate this new beginning together while respecting one another’s space and privacy, all the while exploring its potential together.

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