Terrence Howard Wife, How Did the Couple Announce the Pregnancy?

Hollywood is buzzing once more in the wake of Terrence Howard, along with his spouse Mira Pak, are expecting a new child into their family. The announcement comes one year after they were thrilled to welcome the first child they had together. The announcement was discreetly made during a recent celebration at a party in Los Angeles, where Pak proudly displayed her newborn bump.

How Did the Couple Announce the Pregnancy?

The couple decided to go open and unassuming method to announce their happy announcement. In a series of events at a series event in Los Angeles, Mira Pak was seen sporting a noticeable baby bump, further confirming the rumors about her pregnancy. Terrence Howard, famous for his character in the film “Empire,” was by with her throughout the evening frequently snapped holding her stomach, a common gesture of affection and fatherly pride.

Who is Terrence Howard?

Terrence Howard is an acclaimed actor in Hollywood famous for his performances in films and TV shows, including the popular series “Empire.” At the age of 47, Howard has a diverse acting career, but also has a complicated personal life. Howard is married four times including Mira Pak being his latest wife. The couple got married in 2013, then divorced but then re-married and rekindled their lasting relationship.

What About Terrence Howard’s Family?

The new addition is Terrence Howard’s fifth son. He’s already father of the following children: Heaven, Hunter, Aubrey and Qirin. The family life of his children is as active and exciting as his professional life. Each of his children have at times, in various ways been element of his personal image as well as appearing at public events or during interviews.

How Has Parenthood Affected Howard?

Terrence Howard has been open about the challenges and joys of fatherhood. In interviews, he’s amusingly talked about how raising infants and children has affected him physically and emotionally. He joked about his growing “boobs” from the stress and pressures of raising his children prior to this baby. His honest reflections show the man who is incredibly involved in the daily reality of raising children.


When Terrence Howard and Mira Pak prepare for their new child the interest of the public in their story is growing. Their relationship has seen plenty of challenges and ups however, the birth of a baby could represent a new chapter in harmony and happiness. When they face the complexities of a big, multi-faceted family, and a dynamic career Their journey is an example of perseverance and adaptability in private life and the pressures of public life.

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