Swiatek Age, Know Who’s Iga Swiatek?

Iga Swiatek the Polish tennis star has consolidated her supremacy in the tennis courts made of clay at Roland Garros by securing an impressive win in the French Open. Just 23 years old, Swiatek has achieved a landmark by claiming three consecutive French Open title, and her fourth overall which makes her the youngest female player in the history of professional tennis to win this title. The record she has set at this famous tournament now stands at a staggering 35-2.

How did Swiatek win her latest French Open title?

In the final Swiatek took on the 12th seeded Jasmine Paolini of Italy, giving a stunning performance that concluded with the score of 6-2, 6-1. Although Paolini broke her serve in the first game of the match the highest-ranked Pole quickly recovered her control and won 10 games in succession to secure victory. This tournament demonstrated the ability of Swiatek to keep her composure and play with confidence which are hallmarks of her play technique, particularly when playing clay.

What is this win imply for the future of Swiatek’s career?

Swiatek’s most recent win of her latest victory at the French Open not only adds another Grand Slam title to her collection, but it also solidifies her position among the great greatest women’s tennis players. She is joining the ranks of legendary players like Chris Evert, Steffi Graf and Justine Henin who have all taken home numerous French Open titles in the professional time. Her young accomplishments point to an exciting future, which could see her break record after record and win more titles.

What is the name of Jasmine Paolini?

Jasmine Paolini, the Italian underdog, was the talk of the town with her surprise victory in her first French Open final. With a height of 5’4 inches Paolini was the first player to have made it beyond the second round of any major event. The spring of 2017 saw her ranked 71st, her performance at this event was a turning point in her career and will take her into the top 10 with a predicted rank of seventh following her performance at the French Open.

What did Paolini have to say about her experiences?

Following this match, Paolini displayed her gratitude for the challenge of playing Swiatek during the match at Roland Garros, acknowledging the difficult and prestigious aspect of playing in such a high stakes setting. Despite losing she described her trip towards the semi-finals as “the most memorable moments of my life,” which is a statement that underscores her remarkable performance in the Grand Slam event. Additionally, her schedule remained busy as she was scheduled to take part on the second day of the Doubles Final on the next day, showing her strength and commitment to the sport.


Iga Swiatek’s record-breaking victory during the French Open is a testament to her determination, skill and the potential to influence the future of tennis for women. As she continues to play with grace and strength the tennis world will be watching closely her progress and hoping for more success. In the meantime, Jasmine Paolini’s impressive performance in the final will mark an athlete worth watching for the upcoming tournaments. Her climb up levels and performances against a top seeded opponent are a testament to her abilities and potential in the game. As a team, Swiatek and Paolini are creating the conditions for a new and exciting time in tennis for women.

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