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Sunil Chhetri stands as an inspiration to Indian football enthusiasts in a country dominated by cricket. As captain of India national team, Chhetri has cemented himself into football history by becoming all-time top goal scorer and most-capped player for India. FIFA, the global governing body for football, recently honored Chhetri’s success by premiering three part series titled “Sunil Chhetri | Captain Fantastic” on FIFA+ to provide an in-depth view into his journey from young aspirant to footballing icon.

Early Life and Debut

Sunil Chhetri began his journey on August 3, 1984 in New Delhi. From a very young age, football became his passion thanks to both of his parents having sports backgrounds; Chhetri’s father played for the Indian Army’s football team while both of his mother’s twin sisters participated in Nepal women’s national teams.

Chhetri’s talent was evident early, leading him to join Mohun Bagan – the city’s premier football club – in 2002. Soon thereafter, national selectors noticed his club performance and soon after made him eligible to represent India internationally against Pakistan for his debut on June 12, 2005 in a match. That debut marked an incredible journey that included numerous goals and memorable performances on and off the pitch.

Rise to Prominence

“Captain Fantastic”‘s opening episode explores these early days, chronicling both the joy and challenges associated with Chhetri’s blossoming career. Interviews are conducted with his close associates, loved ones and footballing colleagues who provide anecdotes and insight into his journey as a player. Furthermore, Chhetri himself offers his perspective on his growth as a footballer.

Chhetri’s rise to prominence was not solely driven by his skills on the field but also his leadership abilities. He quickly established himself as the linchpin of India’s team, known for his tenacity, vision, and goal-scoring prowess. His ability to inspire teammates by leading by example earned him captaincy – an honour which has been earned with grace over time.

National Team Success

In episode two, Chhetri’s early days with the national team are explored, along with his dreams and dedication that eventually earned him international recognition. Chhetri made an enormous contribution not just in terms of goals scored but also by raising its profile within India.

One of the defining moments in Chhetri’s career came in 2008 when he scored a hat-trick against Tajikistan in the AFC Challenge Cup final to lead India to victory and secure qualification for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup – this milestone victory marked an important accomplishment in Indian football and Chhetri played an essential role in making it happen.

Achieving Greatness

“Captain Fantastic”‘s third and final episode explores Chhetri’s journey towards greatness both professionally and personally, following him as he reached new heights of success both professionally and personally. It traces his development as a player, his achievements, and contributions made to Indian football over his long career spanning multiple seasons – his performance surpassing numerous records while becoming one of the world’s leading goal scorers in international competition.

As of today, Chhetri has scored 84 goals in 131 official international appearances – third only behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for active international goal scorers. His performance levels remain at high levels well into his late 30s as testaments of fitness, discipline and passion for the game.

Legacy and Impact

Chhetri’s legacy and impact go well beyond statistics and records; his true legacy lies in inspiring future generations of Indian footballers. From being an ambitious young boy with dreams to becoming one of India’s national heroes is one of hard work, dedication, perseverance, perseverance and dedication – which have not gone unnoticed by young athletes across India who look up to him as an inspiration demonstrating anything is achievable through perseverance and effort. His influence extends well beyond football fields themselves: Chhetri serves as an inspiring role model who reminds young athletes across India that anything is achievable through hard work – something his predecessor didn’t do – much like Indian cricketers did back then with hopes and ambition.

FIFA’s recognition of Chhetri through this documentary series emphasizes his significance to global football culture. FIFA tweeted, “Now get the definitive story of third highest scoring active men’s international!”, emphasizing Chhetri’s standing amongst football greats.


“Sunil Chhetri | Captain Fantastic” is not only a tribute to an outstanding footballer but also an inspirational tale about someone who defied odds to achieve greatness. Through this series, viewers get an in-depth look into Chhetri’s life, his challenges, and triumphs; an affirmation of his contributions to Indian football; as well as a reminder of dreams and determination’s power – this series reinforces Chhetri as one of its true legends whose legacy will live on for years.

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