Steven Gerrard Wife, Know All About of Steven Gerrard!

Alex Curran, wife of the legendary football player Steven Gerrard, has made headlines for her decision to stay in Bahrain and her husband, who coaches Al Ettifaq in neighbouring Saudi Arabia. The decision isn’t simply an individual choice but an intelligent move that takes into account both the lifestyle of families and the flexibility of culture. Bahrain provides a more open lifestyle as compared to the conservative standards that prevail in Saudi Arabia, where alcohol is not allowed and strict dress rules are in place. The difference in living standards is significant in light of the Gerrard family’s traditional standards.

What are the advantages of living within Bahrain in family members like the Gerrard Family?

The family lives in Bahrain, Alex and her children are able to enjoy the benefits of a tolerant society located just an hour to Dammam, Saudi Arabia, which is where Steven Gerrard is based. The family is housed in a lavish six-bedroom house located in Hamala located near Bahrain’s royal family as well as elite circles. The house, which comes with a tennis court, pool and games room, cost around 10000 dollars per month. The option of Bahrain lets families like the Gerrard family to enjoy an excellent standard of living, and also enjoy facilities such as luxurious malls as well as bars, restaurants, and which have earned Bahrain the status of being the capital of parties in the Gulf.

What is Bahrain’s lifestyle like with Saudi Arabia for Expats?

Bahrain is a sanctuary for expats, specifically individuals who feel the strict culture in Saudi Arabia challenging. The Gerrards with their three youngest children love the environment and their children attend one of the best 100 English schools for language learning around the globe. The family also plays at their local Bahrain Rugby Club and enjoys dinner at high-end restaurants such as that of the Four Seasons’ Cut, operated by famous Chef Wolfgang Puck.

What challenges do other WAGs Have to Face In Saudi Arabia?

Others Women (wives as well as girlfriends athletes) However, they haven’t adapted as easily to the lifestyle of Saudi Arabia. They’ve had to deal with limitations and cultural shocks including dress codes and access restrictions at public spaces like malls and stores. This is in stark contrast to the freedom they could enjoy in more liberal settings such as Bahrain.

What have other families done to similar situations?

The story the story of Rebecca Burnett, the wife of former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, underscores the extreme differences in lifestyles. In dissatisfaction with the limiting Saudi environment She was the primary factor in Henderson’s decision to end the contract he had with Al Ettifaq and move to Ajax. This case shows how lifestyle and cultural factors are important when it comes to the choices of families living abroad.


Alex Curran’s decision to stay at home in Bahrain as Steven Gerrard is a coach the team in Saudi Arabia can be seen as a strategic masterstroke. This not only ensures the family members enjoy a high standard of life that is in line with their personal preferences, but also puts them within reach Gerrard’s work without compromising their personal expectations. The move, though practical, speaks volumes on the necessity of the compatibility of cultures and well-being in coping with the challenges associated with working abroad. The Gerrards have established the standard for families to navigate the challenges of living abroad through informed, lifestyle-focused choices.

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