Sophy Ridge Husband, Know Who is Sophy Ridge?

Born on October 17, 1984, in Richmond upon Thames, Sophy Ridge’s journey into journalism started at an early age. Ridge attended The Tiffin Girls’ School, a renowned grammar school in Kingston. At just 16, she began gaining experience at her local newspaper, the Richmond and Twickenham Times, laying the foundation for her future career.

Despite growing up in a household that wasn’t particularly engaged with the news—one that didn’t even have a TV until she was 13—Ridge’s interest in journalism blossomed. Her initial steps into the world of media foreshadowed her impressive career trajectory.

Academic Pursuits

Ridge pursued higher education at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, where she studied English. It was during her time at Oxford that she attended a talk by Paul Nicholas, the then deputy Managing Editor of the News of the World. Seizing the opportunity, Ridge approached Nicholas for work experience, which he granted. This experience during her final year at Oxford was pivotal, leading to her enrollment in the paper’s graduate training scheme.

Rise in Journalism

After completing the graduate training scheme, Ridge quickly made her mark. In 2009, just two years later, she was appointed Consumer Affairs correspondent at the News of the World. Her tenure at the paper, however, was cut short by the looming phone-hacking scandal in 2011. This scandal prompted Ridge to transition to broadcasting, joining Sky News as a senior political correspondent.

At Sky News, Ridge’s focus on British politics positioned her as a prominent figure in national political coverage. Initially a news reporter, she later took over the Friday edition of ‘Sky News Tonight.’ Eventually, she secured her own Sunday morning political program, ‘Sophy Ridge on Sunday,’ which was created to rival the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. Ridge’s interviewing prowess was showcased in her early interviews, including with then-Prime Minister Theresa May and other leading politicians like Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer.

Leading Political Coverage

In April 2022, Ridge’s role expanded with the launch of a new political program on Wednesday nights, ‘The Take with Sophy Ridge.’ This show further cemented her status as a key player in political journalism, providing in-depth analysis and interviews with major political figures.

Advocacy and Challenges

Ridge identifies as a feminist and has openly discussed the challenges she faces as a female political journalist. She has shared anecdotes of being mistaken for a fashion journalist and a weather girl by male MPs, highlighting the sexism prevalent in the industry. Ridge has also been the target of sexist abuse on social media, particularly on Twitter. She acknowledges the need for a thick skin in her profession and cites fellow Sky News presenter Kay Burley as a significant role model.

In 2017, Ridge authored a book titled Women Who Shaped Politics, exploring the contributions of women to British politics. Her work underscores her commitment to feminist principles and her efforts to bring attention to women’s roles in political history.

Personal Life

Ridge’s personal life is marked by her marriage to Ben Griffiths, who has a background in newspaper journalism and public relations. The couple’s shared professional interests likely provide a strong foundation for their relationship. Ridge took maternity leave in 2017 and again in 2021, during which Trevor Phillips stepped in to present her show. These periods of maternity leave highlight the balance Ridge maintains between her demanding career and family life.

Current Role

As of now, Sophy Ridge continues to be a prominent figure at Sky News. Her programs, ‘Sophy Ridge on Sunday’ and ‘The Take with Sophy Ridge,’ are key components of Sky’s political coverage, drawing significant viewership and influencing public discourse. Ridge’s ability to navigate the complex landscape of political journalism with integrity and resilience sets her apart in the field.


Sophy Ridge’s career is a testament to her dedication, skill, and resilience. From her early days at a local newspaper to her current role as a leading political journalist at Sky News, Ridge has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her profession. Her journey, marked by significant achievements and challenges, serves as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and a reminder of the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

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