Simone Biles Husband, What Did Simone Biles Say?

Simone Biles, renowned gymnast and Olympic gold medalist, has recently stood up for herself against the constant scrutiny and snide remarks about her marriage to NFL player Jonathan Owens. In an unflinching sequence of stories on Instagram that she posted on the 19th of May 2024 Biles voiced her displeasure and demanded respect for the relationship she has with Jonathan Owens. The outburst came in response to her husband’s attendance and encouragement during the 2024 Core Hydration Gymnastics Classic in Connecticut and where Biles won a new title.

Why Did Biles Address the Comments Publicly?

The decision to address the negative feedback publicly was prompted by a number of rude comments from viewers on the internet which escalated to personal criticisms of her relationship. Biles is well-known for her strength both in and outside of the gymnastics field and in the gym, stressed the importance of respecting personal boundaries. The statement she made Biles clarified that inappropriate remarks can result in individuals being banned on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She said, “I’m just going to block you. Simple as that.”

How Has Owens Supported Biles?

Jonathan Owens has been a source of support for Biles who has been supporting her at sporting events and sharing their private photos on Instagram. Biles has frequently been praised by Owens for his kindness and positive attitude and has contrasted the negative online comments with their close relationship. Recent Instagram posts featured adoring photos of Owens during the gymnastics competition and highlighting his role not only as spectator, but as an integral component of her overall success and well-being.

What Was the Reaction to the Online Comments?

At first, Biles found some of the comments amusing, especially since they referred to extreme measures, such as divorce. However the ferocity and tone of the comments quickly caused her to feel ill and triggered emotional reactions. In her blog posts, Biles expressed how these remarks went from amusing to demeaning in a way, highlighting how public figures are often the brunt of online sexism that can quickly escalate into a significant emotional ache.

How Do Biles and Owens View Their Relationship?

Each Biles and Owens consider their relationship to be mutually beneficial which is a view Owens said that was misinterpreted online, leading to some criticism. Biles clarified the misconceptions by stating that Owens truly values their relationship as like she does. Respect and admiration for each other have strengthened their bond against the outside pressures and falsehoods created by social media.


Simone Biles’ confrontation of the online conduct that has been directed at her husband is an eloquent reminder of the effects of social media on our personal lives, particularly for those who are public figures. Biles’ demand for privacy and respect highlights the issue of boundaries as well as the need to be more responsible in online interactions. While Biles continues to manage her professional and private life in the public sphere the way she handles this issue demonstrates her strengths not just as a world-class athlete, but also as an individual who is standing against snarky criticism and fighting for the integrity of relationships between people.

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