Sarah Lahbati Richard Gutierrez Split, Get Complete Details

After months of speculations and public scrutiny, the breakup of celebrity couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati has been confirmed. This revelation was made by Sarah Lahbati herself during an interview with entertainment reporter MJ Felipe. When asked if she was now single, Sarah candidly responded, “Yeah, I mean, there’s nothing to hide. I think it’s pretty clear to the public that both of us are [single], I think.”

Her nonchalant demeanor suggested a readiness to move on, as she emphasized the importance of enjoying life and counting blessings, adding, “Wala akong time ma-offend,” which translates to having no time to be offended.

How Did the Public Speculate?

Rumors about the couple’s split started swirling when fans noticed a significant change in their social media behavior. Richard and Sarah, who have been married since 2020, stopped posting about each other as frequently as before. The speculation grew when both unfollowed each other on Instagram, a move that often signifies trouble in paradise for public figures.

What Did Their Families Say?

Adding fuel to the fire, family members of both celebrities weighed in on the situation. Last December, Richard’s mother, Annabelle Rama, revealed that Richard and their two sons, Zion and Kai, were staying with her. She expressed her reluctance about the couple’s separation, citing concerns for her grandchildren’s well-being.

On the other hand, Sarah’s mother, Esther, had previously mentioned that the couple had parted ways and were co-parenting their children. However, it wasn’t until Sarah’s confirmation that the breakup was officially acknowledged by the public.

How Are Richard and Sarah Coping?

While the breakup news is fresh, both Richard and Sarah seem focused on their respective lives and careers. Sarah’s response during the interview reflected a positive outlook, emphasizing a light-hearted approach to life’s challenges. This attitude is likely to help her navigate through this transition while maintaining her professional commitments and personal responsibilities as a mother.

What About Their Children?

The couple’s primary concern appears to be their children, Zion and Kai. Despite the breakup, both Richard and Sarah are committed to co-parenting. The children’s welfare has been a central point in their discussions and actions post-separation. Richard’s move to stay with his mother along with the kids suggests a supportive environment for them during this tumultuous period.

What Does the Future Hold for Richard and Sarah?

As they embark on this new chapter separately, Richard and Sarah’s paths remain intertwined through their children. Fans and the public will undoubtedly keep a close watch on their next steps, both in their personal and professional lives. Richard, known for his acting prowess, and Sarah, a beloved actress and dancer, have always had a strong fan base. How they navigate their careers post-breakup will be an area of keen interest.

How Has the Public Reacted?

The public reaction has been a mix of surprise and support. Given the couple’s status as prominent figures in the entertainment industry, their relationship has always been under the public eye. Fans have expressed their support for both Richard and Sarah, hoping they find happiness and peace moving forward. Social media has been abuzz with messages of encouragement, highlighting the public’s investment in their well-being.

Will They Work Together Again?

One question that remains is whether Richard and Sarah will collaborate professionally in the future. The entertainment industry often sees ex-couples working together despite personal differences, driven by mutual respect and professional commitment. Whether Richard and Sarah will follow this trend remains to be seen, but their fans remain hopeful for potential collaborations.


The end of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s marriage marks a significant chapter in their lives. With both individuals focusing on their careers and co-parenting their children, the future holds numerous possibilities. As they navigate through this period, their resilience and commitment to their children will be the foundation of their new paths. The public, while saddened by the breakup, remains supportive, wishing them both the best in their individual journeys.

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