Sam Rubin KTLA, All About Veteran Entertainment Anchor

Sam Rubin was an esteemed journalist specializing in entertainment journalism, best known for his long stint as anchor on KTLA Morning News. Beginning his career as an anchorman for over three decades and winning over Los Angeles viewers along the way. Yet Rubin’s contributions went well beyond broadcast journalism – he played an active role in various aspects of Hollywood as an industry executive as well.

What Was Rubin’s Background in Broadcasting?

Rubin joined KTLA in 1991, quickly becoming one of the premier entertainment newscasters. His engaging style and extensive knowledge of Hollywood made him popular with both viewers and celebrities alike; throughout his career, Rubin earned multiple Emmy Awards as well as Golden Mike awards for Best Entertainment Reporter – reflecting both his insightful reporting style as well as ability to connect personally with his audiences.

What contribution has Rubin made beyond broadcasting?

Rubin was also instrumental in shaping film and TV criticism across America, helping form the Broadcast Film Critics Association – now home to over 200 members – which serves as an authoritative body in providing structured analysis on films and shows.

What Were Rubin’s Other Projects?

Rubin was also an entrepreneur. Through SRE, Inc. – his production company that produced over 200 hours of cable and broadcast-TV programming including live red carpet events as well as “Hollywood Uncensored,” Rubin showed both versatility and commitment towards improving entertainment journalism.

What Was Rubin’s Influence in His Community?

Rubin was well known in both entertainment and philanthropy circles as an active community service member who organized fundraising initiatives for various causes; including multiple sclerosis research funding efforts as well as revitalization initiatives at Los Angeles schools. Rubin’s dedication and involvement reflected deeply ingrained ties within his local community along with an overall desire to make positive strides forward.

How Did Rubin’s Colleagues React Upon Learning of His Death?

Sam Rubin’s death came as an unexpected shock, both to colleagues and fans alike. KTLA broke its regular programming to announce it, with anchor Frank Buckley visibly moved by this news of Rubin’s passing from an apparent heart attack shortly after live broadcasts, representing an enormous loss both to broadcasting community as a whole and Los Angeles itself.

What legacy has Rubin left behind?

Sam Rubin made an indelible mark on both entertainment journalism and his community during his distinguished career, garnering respect from peers and the general public alike. His tireless devotion to both profession and community set an exemplary standard that continues to influence future generations of journalists and media professionals. His legacy will live on.


Sam Rubin’s death serves as a poignant reminder of life’s transience, yet its long-lasting impacts. When we consider his contributions and achievements, we realize his legacy will continue to inspire those who knew him in person as well as future audiences that come across his work later on. Rubin set an exemplary standard in journalism as well as civic involvement – his loss can be felt deeply across many spheres.

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