Ryeowook Wife & What Sets Their Relationship Apart?

Kim Ryeowook, commonly referred to by his mononym “Ryeowook,” is an esteemed South Korean singer and an influential member of popular K-pop band Super Junior, having debuted with them in 2005. Ryeowook quickly rose in popularity due to his unique singing voice and devotion to music; contributing immensely towards K-pop industry activities through group activities, solo projects and musical theatre roles.

How Did Ryeowook Announce His Wedding?

Ryeowook announced his engagement to Ari, former member of Tahiti girl group, through an intimate and personal handwritten letter posted to Instagram on March 29. Addressing fans known as ELF directly, Ryeowook expressed deep thanks for all the years of support from ELF as well as his excitement to have found Ari as his life partner – making the announcement truly intimate and personal by directly communicating with fans directly, emphasizing his unique bond with each of them!

Who is Ari?

Who Is Ari? Ari, born 1994, began her professional life by singing in Tahiti girl group in 2012. Following its disbandment in 2018, Ari ventured into acting and has made waves within the entertainment industry ever since. Her relationship with Ryeowook deepened over four years prior to their decision to marry each other; Ari has maintained an understated profile, prioritizing career and relationship goals while remaining modest about both aspects.

What Sets Their Relationship Apart?

Ryeowook and Ari’s public romance has since 2020 been seen by fans and onlookers, providing evidence of its maturity and stability through mutual understanding and respect. Their decision to marry represents their deep connection and shared values which has only grown stronger over time; fans find comfort in this narrative of growth and commitment that resonates well.

When and Where Will They Wed?

The couple plans on exchanging vows during a private ceremony at the end of May in Seoul. Their decision for such a wedding aims to preserve both family privacy and ensure intimacy on this important occasion; therefore details regarding its exact location remain undisclosed so as to create the ultimate atmosphere on such an intimate celebration day.

How Has Ryeowook’s Wedding Been Acted On?

News of Ryeowook’s engagement has been met with joyous responses worldwide from his fans and Super Junior members, both giving well wishes for her future and promising their dedication in music career as they celebrate this momentous event together. His agency, SM Entertainment also extended congratulations and promised their continued support as his musical career continues in 2018.

What Does This Mean for Ryeowook’s Career?

Ryeowook has given fans confidence in his continued dedication to music through Super Junior and his solo artist projects. While marriage represents an entirely new chapter for him personally, its parallel development aligns beautifully with his professional journey.


Ryeowook and Ari’s engagement is more than a celebration of love; it also stands as testament to his journey as an artist who has grown and evolved within public view. Ryeowook’s open and sincere approach in sharing this milestone event with fans shows his gratitude and appreciation of all those who have supported his career, from fans and colleagues alike. Together Ryeowook and Ari embark on this new chapter together with our love, blessings, and hopes of their communities of fans and colleagues, promising that this union will foster mutual growth – setting an inspirational example that can inspire fans as well as fellow artists alike!

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