Ruud Zverev Roland Garros, Who won between Zverev and Ruud?

After a string of near misses, Alexander Zverev has finally reached the first Roland Garros Final. The German tennis pro had a close call earlier in his career, has reached an important milestone when he defeated Casper Ruud in a gripping semi-final. The win not only represents an individual best in the French Open for Zverev but will also set the stage for an epic showdown against Carlos Alcaraz.

How Did Zverev Turn the Match Around After the First Set?

The game began in a stalemate, with Zverev falling in the first set by 2-6 to Ruud which appeared to be to be in control early. But, Zverev made a remarkable turn around, winning the following three sets, winning 6-2, 7-6 and 6-1. His tenacity was fully on display when he overcame a slow beginning to win during the last two sets of the contest. Zverev’s tactic of requiring Ruud to take an additional shot regularly was successful, particularly as Ruud was beginning to show indications of physical discomfort as he was reported to have an abdominal issue throughout the game.

What Makes This Victory Significant for Zverev?

The win is important for Zverev since it follows three semi-final defeats in succession to Roland Garros in 2021, 2022 and 2023, the last loss was in the final against Ruud himself. This win does more than just avenge his loss in the past, but shows his progress and determination, showing that he has the ability to over come past defeats and rise to the occasion at the biggest tennis venues.

Can Zverev Capture His First Major Title?

Alexander Zverev is now set to meet Carlos Alcaraz in what promises to be an exciting final. Zverev who is ranked currently no. four in the world rankings, is trying to secure his first title in a major tournament. His previous appearance at the Grand Slam final was at the US Open in 2020, in which he was just shy of Dominic Thiem. A recent win in the ATP Masters 1000 in Rome as well as a 12-match winning streak Zverev’s recent form indicates that he’s ready to make the next step and win a major championship.

What Does This Match Tell Us About Casper Ruud?

Even with his defeat his performance, the one he had during the Roland Garros is still admirable. Ruud was hoping to be the only seventh player to make it through three straight finals in this event. Ruud is known for his skills on clay courts and grit, had an impressive year, winning the most tours-level wins (39) and also the biggest wins in clay (21) in 2024. His endurance and skills on the clay court continue to make him an imposing adversary.

What Are the Historical Implications of Zverev’s Victory?

This win means that Alexander Zverev joins an exclusive group of German tennis players to reach this year’s Roland Garros final in the Open Era, the only one not being Michael Stich in 1996. The win not only demonstrates Zverev’s ability and endurance, but also marks a significant event in German tennis’s time.


Alexander Zverev’s path to reach the Roland Garros final has been extremely challenging as well as inspiring. In overcoming his past challenges and showing a superior level of performance against elite opponents, Zverev has set himself to play a game that could be defining for his career event. When tennis fans across all over the world await the match’s final, they’ll be keen to know whether Zverev will be able to keep his momentum and claim his very first Grand Slam title, or is the promising young player Carlos Alcaraz will prevail in the anticipated an epic battle between generations in the clay courts in Roland Garros.

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