Rupert Murdoch Wedding, Know Who is Elena Zhukova?

Rupert Murdoch, the media magnate renowned for his huge influence on the world’s media is once more making headlines, but not due to his business acumen, this time however, but because of his private life. At 93, Murdoch has married 67-year-old Elena Zhukova, marking his fifth wedding anniversary. The ceremony was held at his private Moraga Estate in California, represents more than just personal happiness; it also reflects an era of significant changes in his professional and personal lives.

Who is Elena Zhukova?

Elena Zhukova, a retired molecular biologist, stepped into Murdoch’s life during an event for the family in 2023. This led to an intense romance. Not only an academic, Zhukova brings with her an interesting background. Originating from Moscow her home, she emigrated in her home in United States towards the end of the Soviet Union with her then-husband, Alexander Zhukov, who went on to become an energy billionaire. Zhukova’s connections to prominent figures are not just limited to the US and their daughter Dasha Zhukova has become an eminent philanthropist, who was earlier married to Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich.

What Significance Does This Marriage Hold?

The marriage is significant not just for its contribution to the family tree of Murdoch but also due to the timing. It’s been nine months since Murdoch quit the top of his business empire and handed on his leadership duties to his son Lachlan. The decision to step back from a direct position of leadership could signal a new phase in which personal life may be more prominent for Murdoch.

Where Did the Wedding Take Place?

The venue choice for the wedding Murdoch’s Moraga Estate, is itself significant. The property isn’t just a house, but it is a working vineyard, expressing Murdoch’s love for winemaking as well as his wider business interests beyond the world of media.

What About Murdoch’s Past Marriages?

Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with his wife is as complicated as his business transactions. Prior to Zhukova, Murdoch was married to Jerry Hall, a relationship that ended in year 2022 in the summer. His wedding has also included Wendi Deng who he shares two daughters, as well as His second spouse, Anna Murdoch Mann, who he divorced in the year 1999, after more than 32 years together. Each divorce has become a major news story and has contributed in the fascination of people Murdoch’s personal relationships.


The latest marriage has raised there are questions about what this could mean for the future of Murdoch. His letter to his staff when he decided to step out of his role as a corporate executive said that he would be involved in information and ideas, but in a different role. As Murdoch enters an unmarried relationship and a more relaxed professional stage the media industry is watching closely. What impact will this union have on his professional activities? Perhaps more importantly what will be his professional legacy be sustained under the care of his descendants? It’s too early to tell however one thing is for sure: Rupert Murdoch continues to impress and awe whether it’s through his business decisions or personal choices in life.

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