Ronda Rousey Husband, How Did Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey Meet?

Travis Browne is an engaging individual renowned as both an UFC heavyweight contender and husband to Ronda Rousey, possessing diverse interests and capabilities that span from athletic prowess in the octagon to parenting duties, husbandship responsibilities and podcast hosting duties – his life shows testament of both dynamic capabilities as well as personal progress.

Who Is Travis Browne?

Travis Browne of Oahu, Hawaii didn’t begin training martial arts until his mid-20s; making his start later than most professional fighters. Although originally an athletic basketball player, Browne quickly transitioned into mixed martial arts due to both innate athleticism and passion for Jiu Jitsu jiu-jitsu; eventually moving through various martial arts disciplines prior to professional fighting in UFC Heavyweight division.

How Did Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey Meet?

Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey first connected through their mutual passion for mixed martial arts (MMA). Since 2015, their relationship has blossomed from mutual respect into something much deeper: marriage in 2017. Travis proposed in Hawaii; Ronda accepted and celebrated with family and friends before going ahead with plans.

What Role Does Family Play in Browne’s Life?

Family is at the core of Browne’s life. He shares two children from previous relationships as well as one daughter with Rousey; with all four showing evidence of Browne being fully committed to them as adults and providing financial support when necessary for athletic endeavors or maintaining family values he cherishes moments like watching his sons at football games or spending quality time at their family ranch on Instagram!

What Endeavors Have Browne Pursued Since Retiring From UFC?

Since leaving UFC in 2017, Browne has not faded away into anonymity but rather pursued new endeavors post-retirement. After exploring his options as a podcast host via “Tough Business,” where he and co-host John Fosco discussed various facets of entrepreneurship as well as provided advice derived from personal experience; this endeavor showcases Browne’s interest in business development beyond being known for fighting alone; beyond simply becoming known by name only once more as fighter.

How Do Browne and Rousey Manage Their Lives Together?

With Rousey at her side, Browne oversees Browsey Acres Ranch in California where they practice sustainable agriculture practices that protect both nature and humans alike. Their commitment to sustainability extends well beyond lifestyle choice – they’re setting an example by leaving an environmental legacy for future generations of children they raise together. Furthermore, both share an incredible passion for cooking; often sharing photos on social media of them creating dishes like duck egg omelets to elaborate stir fry dishes from this couple who share culinary adventures together!

What Are Browne and Rousey’s Plans for the Future?

Looking ahead, Browne and Rousey have ambitious plans for their future beyond current endeavors. Upon the graduation of their sons from high school, Browne intends on moving to Hawaii with Rousey to open up a dojo that offers free training to local kids as part of his legacy of mentorship and community service; his hope being to give back to Hawaii while offering opportunities to future generations.


Travis Browne has experienced immense transformation over his journey from being a college basketball player to UFC fighter and now committed family man and entrepreneur. His relationship with Ronda Rousey is founded upon mutual respect and shared values; they pursue ventures which not only fulfill themselves personally, but are beneficial to their community at the same time. While Browne continues his transformation process as an individual – from UFC fighter to family man to business owner and mentor — these roles remain the core components of his legacy which show there truly is life beyond fights!

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