Robert Shinn Wife, After Divorcing Shirley Kim, Married To Hannah Lee

Robert Shinn’s life is a tapestry woven with various chapters, some of which are lesser-known. His journey from Canada to the United States, where he founded the Shekinah Church, is well-documented. However, the personal sacrifices and complexities of his relationships add depth to his story.

Early Life and First Marriage

Before his move to the U.S., Robert Shinn was married with two children. This part of his life is often overshadowed by his subsequent achievements. Leaving behind his first wife and children was a significant decision, highlighting the personal costs of his pursuit.

Marital History

Robert Shinn’s marital history is marked by multiple relationships. His first marriage in the U.S. was with Esther. Their relationship eventually ended in separation, leading Robert to a period of solitude.

Relationship with Shirley Kim

In 2009, Robert married Shirley Kim, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Shirley Kim is a highly educated individual, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Cal State Fullerton and a Master’s degree in Entertainment-Media Transactions from Chapman University School of Law. She also earned a juris doctorate from the same institution. Shirley’s diverse skill set and educational background paved the way for her successful career as a transactional lawyer, managing her legal practice.

Shirley also took on significant roles within Robert’s ventures. She became the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Production & Development at Imaginating Pictures. Despite their professional collaboration, Robert and Shirley’s marriage lasted only two years, ending in 2011.

Shirley’s Continued Role

Even after their divorce, Shirley continued to be involved in Robert’s affairs. She allegedly notarized documents for meetings involving Robert and Hannah Lee. Her continued presence in Robert’s life underscores the complex intertwining of their personal and professional lives.

Hannah Lee’s Entry

Following his divorce from Shirley, Robert began dating Hannah Lee, who later became his wife. Hannah Grace, a resident of Santa Ana, California, serves as the CFO at Shekinah Church. Her dedication to the church and her exceptional management skills impressed Robert. Hannah’s responsibilities included overseeing the bank accounts and daily schedules of fellow congregants.

Hannah’s contributions earned her the title of Woman of God, reflecting Robert’s deep trust in her. She played a near-equal role in church affairs, even before her involvement in Robert’s companies. Additionally, she managed dancer clients for 7M Films, taking on significant responsibilities in their affairs.

Legal Challenges

In 2023, a civil lawsuit was filed against Robert, Hannah, and Shirley by former church members. The lawsuit included serious accusations such as fraud, forced labor, breach of fiduciary duty, and failure to pay minimum wage. Despite these allegations, the trial is not scheduled until 2025, allowing Robert, Hannah, and Shirley to continue their personal and professional lives relatively uninterrupted.

Shirley Kim’s Current Endeavors

Today, Shirley Kim remains a notable figure in her professional field. As a transactional lawyer, she manages her legal practice with expertise. Her role at Imaginating Pictures as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Production & Development highlights her leadership capabilities. Despite her past relationship with Robert, Shirley has carved out a successful career path.

Hannah Lee’s Current Role

Hannah Lee continues to serve as the CFO at Shekinah Church, managing financial and management duties with dedication. Her role within the church and her involvement with 7M Films demonstrate her commitment to both the religious and professional spheres.


Robert Shinn’s life is a mosaic of personal and professional experiences. From his initial immigration to the U.S., leaving behind his first family, to his multiple marriages and complex relationships, each chapter adds to his multifaceted story. The involvement of his former spouses, Shirley Kim and Hannah Lee, in his professional and legal battles, further underscores the intricate connections in his life.

Despite the challenges, including the pending lawsuit, Robert, Hannah, and Shirley continue to navigate their respective paths, maintaining their personal and professional endeavors. The trial set for 2025 will undoubtedly be a significant event, potentially altering the course of their lives and careers. Until then, they remain active figures in their respective fields, carrying forward their legacies amidst the complexities of their intertwined histories.

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