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Robert De Niro‘s romance with martial arts instructor Tiffany Chen, who won an Academy Award in 2013, is the story of shared passions. In 2015, their paths crossed for the first time on the set “The Intern”. Chen played a Tai Chi teacher in the film. This role reflected her expertise in martial arts. The professional meeting paved the way for their relationship.

What sparked the romance between De Niro & Chen?

The public only got to see the couple’s blossoming romance in August 2021. De Niro, Chen, and their friends were seen walking hand-inhand towards a luxury boat during a vacation to the South of France. This trip sparked media speculation, which confirmed the rumors that have been going around since they first met.

When did they publicly confirm their relationship?

De Niro and his wife were spotted together before, but it wasn’t until mid-2023 when De Niro acknowledged their relationship as well as a major milestone: the birth of their daughter. De Niro announced that he welcomed his seventh daughter, Gia Virginia De Niro in a candid conversation with ET Canada. He initially refused to reveal the identity of the mother. Kim Cattrall revealed to ET Canada that Chen is the mother of De Niro’s seventh child.

What are Tiffany Chen’s background and achievements?

Tiffany Chen has a distinguished career as a martial artist and instructor. Her father, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, is a prominent member of the kung-fu community. Chen. Chen began her martial arts training at a very young age. She also pursued other sports, such as ballet, hula, swimming and gymnastics. Her martial arts prowess has won her many gold medals, and she holds numerous world titles. This demonstrates her dedication and skills in the discipline.

How has their relationship affected both their public and private lives?

De Niro, Chen and other notable figures have appeared together at several events since their relationship was made public. This includes a state dinner held in the White House in April 2024. Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez, and other prominent figures were also present at the event honoring Japan’s Prime Minster Fumio Kishhida. This appearance shows how the couple have integrated their private and public lives. They are able to balance De Niro’s busy schedule with their shared parenting responsibilities.

What challenges have they faced?

The couple have faced many challenges despite the joys and rewards of their relationship. Chen was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy after giving birth. This nerve condition caused temporary facial paralysis. Chen’s health scare caused her to be very anxious, but she opened up in an interview with Gayle Kings on CBS Mornings about her experience, and her recovery process. She shared her story and brought awareness to this condition.


Robert De Niro’s and Tiffany Chen’s relationship grew from a professional friendship to a personal bond characterized by mutual respect and shared interests. Their bond seems to grow stronger as they navigate the challenges and trials of parenthood and their careers. Both continue to make public appearances and maintain professional commitments. Their relationship continues to be a source of fascination for both fans and observers. Their journey will continue to inspire and captivate as they progress, making them one of the most fascinating couples in the entertainment business.

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