Riley Gaines Husband, Bio & When Did Riley Gaines and Louis Barker Get Married?

Riley Gaines and Louis Barker met through their shared involvement in swimming teams at the University of Kentucky. When they first met at its swimming facility in 2019, both experienced instant attraction. It quickly led to a blossoming romance.

How Did Louis Barker Gain His Experience?

Born September 19, 1999 in Crawley, England, Louis Barker boasts an extensive competitive swimming background. Attending Millfield School – which boasts strong sports programs – to hone his techniques; Barker then represented City of Manchester Aquatics at various competitions such as 2016 British Olympic Trials and 2018 Commonwealth Games Trials Trials respectively before moving to America where he pursued a degree in Business Administration with Riley Gaines as part of a University of Kentucky MBA degree course before finally meeting Riley Gaines during one such competition at University of Kentucky where both met later as part of an MBA degree program offered through Business Departmental programs; after moving he pursued another business degree while studying under Riley Gaines; that same school was where he met Riley Gaines whom later on his return he met his future wife Riley Gaines as part.

What Does Louis Barker Do Professionally?

Louis Barker is both an entrepreneur and project manager. As owner and project manager at LCB Pools specializing in designing and servicing pools, as well as being project manager at Chandler and Sons Automotive providing repair and maintenance services he exemplifies versatility in his profession as demonstrated through Chandler and Sons Automotive offering repair and maintenance. Louis’ business acumen combined with leadership have contributed greatly to his professional achievements and career advancement.

When Did Riley Gaines and Louis Barker Get Married?

Riley Gaines and Louis Barker officially tied the knot on May 29th 2022 after dating for around two years and getting engaged in December. Their wedding, held in Nashville Tennessee was attended by close family and friends – an intimate ceremony that showcased both parties’ deep personal connections as well as life goals shared together.

What Role Have Family Played in Louis Barker’s Life?

Louis Barker credits his family as one of his main sources of motivation and support in both his personal and professional endeavors. Raised in Crawley by Aidan and Julie Barker with brother Marcus by their side provided an environment which fostered growth both socially and academically for him – his parents particularly supported his swimming career while encouraging excellence both inside and outside of water, leading him towards academic and swimming excellence simultaneously. With such strong support behind him from childhood through college this strong foundation remains as source of motivation and support even today for Louis.


Louis Barker, Riley Gaines husband is an extraordinary multifaceted individual with extensive backgrounds in both athletics and business. After meeting while they both were students at University of Kentucky, their shared pursuits provided the basis of an exceptional partnership that has stood the test of time. Now married with Gaines for nine years and with three sons between them, Barker balances being an entrepreneur/project manager/husband while still supporting Gaines through life – contributing significantly to her mutual success and happiness!

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