Picture of Pat Sajak’s Wife, Get Complete Details

Lesly Brown’s journey began in Maryland, where she was born and raised. She attended Georgetown University, where she was crowned Miss Georgetown, an early indication of her beauty and poise. Brown’s academic journey led her to the University of Maryland, where she pursued a degree in television production. Her interest in media and communication was evident from her choice of major, setting the stage for her initial foray into the world of entertainment and modeling.

Modeling Career and Playboy Feature

After graduating, Brown decided to explore the world of modeling. Her striking looks and charisma quickly landed her opportunities, including a notable feature in Playboy. In 1988, she graced the cover of an issue titled “Women of Washington,” a testament to her allure and confidence. In this feature, Brown revealed her aspirations to attend law school and become a lawyer. However, she also acknowledged the fleeting nature of modeling opportunities, stating, “I decided to put [law school] off to pursue modeling while I was still young enough to do so.” This pragmatic approach highlighted her understanding of timing and the temporary nature of certain career paths.

A Shift in Priorities

By 1989, Brown’s life took a significant turn. She met Pat Sajak, the renowned host of “Wheel of Fortune,” and their relationship quickly blossomed. As she told the Washington Post in 1989, “This year, I’m getting married and I think I want to just get used to being a wife.” Her statement reflected a shift in priorities, from career ambitions to personal life. Brown’s decision to focus on her impending marriage indicated a new chapter, one centered around family and support for her husband’s illustrious career.

Marriage to Pat Sajak

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak’s romance culminated in a beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding. The event was a significant milestone for both, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership. In an interview with People magazine at their wedding, Brown shared her vision for their future together. She expressed a desire to stay in their Los Angeles home and raise a family, aligning her personal goals with the stability and success of Sajak’s career.

Life in Los Angeles and Family Plans

The couple’s life in Los Angeles was characterized by comfort and stability, largely due to Sajak’s substantial earnings from “Wheel of Fortune.” Reportedly, Sajak earned $15 million for his last season on the show, a testament to his popularity and the show’s success. This financial security allowed Brown to focus on family life without the pressures of a demanding career. She and Sajak often spoke of their desire to raise a “little Sajakian,” highlighting their plans for children and a family-centered lifestyle.

Supporting Pat Sajak’s Career

Throughout their marriage, Brown has been a steadfast supporter of Sajak’s career. Her role as a supportive wife has been pivotal, especially given the demanding nature of Sajak’s job as a television host. The couple’s ability to balance public and private life has contributed to their long-lasting marriage. Brown’s decision to prioritize family over her initial career ambitions exemplifies her adaptability and commitment to her husband and children.


Lesly Brown’s journey from aspiring lawyer and model to dedicated wife and mother is a story of adaptability and support. Her early career in modeling, highlighted by a feature in Playboy, showcased her ambition and pragmatism. However, her priorities shifted with her marriage to Pat Sajak, reflecting a deep commitment to family and partnership. The couple’s life in Los Angeles, bolstered by Sajak’s successful career, provided a stable and nurturing environment for their family. Brown’s story is a testament to the evolving nature of personal goals and the importance of balancing career aspirations with family life.


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