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The wine industry lost a remarkable figure on December 27th when Mark Levin succumbed to COVID-19. For the first time in three decades, we navigate the vintage campaign without him. This year, as estates shipped their wines to us for tasting due to travel restrictions, the excitement was tinged with a deep sense of loss.

A Memorable First Encounter

In my 42 years at K&L, few salespeople left an indelible mark like Mark Levin. Our first meeting in 1988 remains vivid in my memory. As the manager of the San Mateo store, I was heading out one Friday evening when Mark, carrying four cases on a hand truck, burst in asking for me by name. His enthusiasm was palpable as he insisted I taste the wines he had brought, despite my readiness to leave for the day. Mark’s persistence, driven by a recommendation from my boss Clyde, was a testament to his dedication. This encounter encapsulated Mark’s approach: relentless, passionate, and always aiming to close the deal.

An Unparalleled Work Ethic

Mark’s career was defined by his extraordinary work ethic. Whether selling closeout wines or prestigious labels like Ch. Lafite Rothschild, his focus and determination were unwavering. He approached every sale with the same intensity, embodying the challenging reality of the wine business where selling, not buying, is the real test. Mark’s ability to negotiate and finalize deals made him a master of his craft.

A Journey of Friendship and Wine

As Mark advanced in his career, becoming a key figure in selling fine wines to K&L, our professional relationship blossomed into a cherished friendship. His marriage to Cecile Leqocq from Nantes further enriched our connection, with many wine dinners and shared passions for Bordeaux strengthening our bond. Mark’s role as the Bordeaux Buyer for his company saw him handling significant financial responsibilities. He often sought advice from experienced palates like mine and Clyde Beffa’s, trusting our insights to make informed purchasing decisions.

Influencing K&L’s Direct Buy Strategy

Mark’s influence was pivotal in shaping K&L’s direct buy strategy. Unlike many retailers who avoid the arduous and costly process of traveling to Europe for tastings and establishing relationships, K&L embraced this approach. Mark’s dedication to sourcing wines directly from estates ensured exceptional quality and value for our customers. His work in the competitive San Francisco Bay area wine market was legendary, always executed with a smile and genuine care for his clients.

A Heart for Hospitality and Friendship

Mark’s generosity extended beyond professional boundaries. He warmly welcomed newcomers to the area and salespeople from Europe, often inviting them to his home for meals prepared by Cecile. These gatherings were filled with joy and camaraderie, creating lasting memories for all involved. Mark’s ability to foster such connections underscored his genuine care for others, making everyone feel valued and appreciated.

Retirement and Continued Dedication

Even in retirement, Mark’s commitment to the wine industry remained steadfast. Moving to Florida for the benefit of his family, he continued to support our Bordeaux tours behind the scenes. His meticulous attention to detail ensured every aspect of our tours was flawless, from room inspections to ensuring ice-cold Champagne for our guests’ arrival. Mark’s behind-the-scenes contributions were crucial to the success of our endeavors.

Celebrating Mark’s Life and Legacy

Mark would have turned 74 on May 16th, a day we will forever remember. Plans to celebrate his life in California and Bordeaux are in motion, with tonight’s toast featuring Gonet Champagne and Bordeaux in his honor. Mark’s impact on the wine industry and the lives of those who knew him is profound and enduring. His legacy of hard work, passion, and genuine care for others will continue to inspire us.

Mark Levin was more than a colleague; he was a dear friend whose spirit and dedication left an indelible mark on our hearts and the wine industry. As we remember and celebrate his life, we carry forward the lessons he taught us and the memories we cherish. Mark’s influence will be felt for generations to come, a testament to a life well-lived and a legacy that will never fade.

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