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When John Humphrys announced his departure from the iconic quiz show “Mastermind” after 18 years, the question of his successor was met with widespread speculation. The mantle now falls to Clive Myrie, a seasoned journalist with a rich history of reporting from the frontlines of global events. Myrie’s appointment marks a significant moment in the show’s history, bringing fresh perspectives and a wealth of experience to the role.

From Bolton to BBC Success

Clive Myrie’s journey from the small Afro-Caribbean community in Bolton to becoming a renowned BBC journalist is a testament to his dedication and resilience. Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, Myrie was one of seven children. His parents, Norris and Lynne, instilled in him a strong work ethic and the importance of education. Norris worked in a factory making car batteries, while Lynne was a seamstress. Their sacrifice and hard work laid the foundation for Myrie’s achievements.

Myrie attended Hayward Grammar School (now Essa Academy), where he felt distinct from his mostly white peers. Despite these challenges, he excelled academically, eventually graduating in law from Sussex University. His passion for journalism led him to join the BBC’s journalism scheme, a decision that would shape his illustrious career.

A Distinguished Journalism Career

Clive Myrie’s career with the BBC spans over 25 years, during which he has reported from over 80 locations worldwide. His first posting as a foreign correspondent took him to Japan, and he has since covered significant events, including the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Myrie’s empathetic and insightful reporting has earned him numerous awards, including two prestigious Royal Television Society journalism awards for his coverage of the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of Myrie’s most memorable moments was reporting on Barack Obama’s election victory from Morehouse College in Atlanta. He poignantly remarked, “For a black man like me to be here in this moment of history is incredible,” reflecting the personal significance of the event. His ability to convey such moments with depth and emotion has endeared him to audiences.

Breaking New Ground on Mastermind

Taking over as the host of “Mastermind” is a significant milestone for Clive Myrie. He follows in the footsteps of John Humphrys, who left an indelible mark on the show. Myrie acknowledges the big shoes he has to fill but is excited about the opportunity. “To be part of a show that’s so iconic – a show I remember watching as a child – is such a privilege,” he says.

Myrie’s approach to hosting “Mastermind” is rooted in his journalistic principles of fairness and integrity. He aims to create a supportive environment for contestants, understanding the pressure they face. “Handling the nerves, handling the darkness, handling the whole atmosphere is as important as getting out the knowledge. I want to be the contestant’s friend as the question master,” he explains.

Personal Reflections and Inspirations

Myrie’s inspiration to pursue journalism came from watching Sir Trevor McDonald on ITN News. Seeing McDonald, a black man, in such a prominent role showed Myrie that he too could achieve similar success. “If I hadn’t seen him reading the news as a kid growing up in Lancashire, I might not be where I am today,” Myrie reflects.

Despite his success, Myrie has faced racism, particularly since appearing on television. He recalls receiving hate mail and even death threats, but he remains resolute and compassionate. “I just feel incredibly sad for them because the fact I happen to have more melanin in my skin than them makes them this way. It’s pathetic,” he states.

A Life Beyond the Camera

Outside of his professional life, Clive Myrie is deeply connected to his family. He shares a close bond with his wife, Catherine, a former teacher who has retrained as an upholsterer. The couple decided not to have children, given Myrie’s extensive travel commitments. “There’s absolutely no question my wife is my best friend,” he says.

Myrie’s love for jazz, a passion since childhood, led him to present a ten-part series on Jazz FM. He hopes to bring some of his personal interests and warmth to “Mastermind,” allowing audiences to see different facets of his personality.


Clive Myrie’s appointment as the host of “Mastermind” heralds a new era for the show. His extensive journalistic experience, coupled with his empathetic approach and personal charm, positions him well to carry forward the legacy of this beloved program. As he steps into this iconic role, audiences can look forward to a host who not only respects the show’s traditions but also brings his unique perspective and energy to the fore.

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