Picture of Clive Myrie Wife, Career And Personal Life

Clive Myrie is widely respected for his insightful journalism and captivating television presentations, from covering major world events for BBC to hosting popular programs like “Mastermind.” As much is known about Clive’s professional endeavors, less is often discussed regarding his personal life – specifically his relationship with wife Catherine Myrie.

A Love Born from Books

Clive’s personal life took an exciting and delightful turn in 1992 at a book launch for Swiss cheeses in London. That night he met Catherine, a publishing professional. According to Clive, their meeting marked “love at first sight,” an encounter which would eventually blossom into their relationship spanning six years before ending in an incredible ceremony held by Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Covent Garden.

Their wedding was both celebratory and work related; Clive had recently been appointed BBC LA correspondent, so life became hectic between work commitments and travel arrangements. After marrying, Clive returned to America for work; later the couple honeymooned on Venezuela’s picturesque Maracaibo coast.

Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

Catherine Myrie, an upholsterer and furniture restorer, has been an instrumental partner for Clive. He credits her with giving him “courage and space to pursue his dreams”, attesting to their strong partnership. Their mutual support exemplifies an incredible dynamic where both partners foster each other’s professional and personal growth while still remaining distinct individuals.

Clive and Catherine planned for Catherine to join Clive in his BBC show, “Clive Myrie’s Italian Road Trip,” however due to ongoing home renovations she couldn’t make it. This show had been designed as a relaxing journey through Italy’s iconic cities and rich culture; something both of them hold dear; Clive often vacations there and celebrated his 40th birthday there last year!

Life Choices and Personal Space

Clive has opened up in interviews about his and his partner’s decision not to have children, after initial attempts failed. Instead, they opted for a life of travel and spontaneity without children as part of their lifestyle choice – reflecting both parties’ mutual decision to live life their own way. Clive believes having children wouldn’t fit with this lifestyle choice, reflecting their mutual determination to live life their own terms.

Clive and Catherine credit separate bathrooms as the key to their long-standing marriage, highlighting its significance as a symbol for personal space and time apart which enriches time spent together and strengthens their bond. Both Clive and Catherine value their individual interests and identities which has helped keep their marriage vibrant and resilient over time.

Clive and Catherine Myrie’s 25+ years of marriage serve as an inspiring testament to how an exceptional partnership can flourish on mutual respect, support and love. While their romantic beginnings or shared adventures may have provided the catalyst, their story also showcases everyday support that sustains lasting relationships – it stands as a poignant example of how strong relationships can thrive through shared experiences without losing individual freedom.

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