Paul Mescal Dating History, Check Her Current Relationship Status?

Paul Mescal, best known for his performance as Connell Waldron on Normal People and receiving an Oscar nomination for Aftersun as well as appearing in high-profile projects such as Foe and Gladiator sequel, has both fascinated audiences with his onscreen performances as well as generated great interest about his personal life. It remains to be determined who Paul Mescal’s partner may be at present?

What Do We Know about Paul Mescal’s Current Relationship Status?

At present, it appears Paul Mescal remains single and remains low profile regarding any personal relationships following his high-profile engagement and subsequent split from singer Phoebe Bridgers. In an interview with Vanity Fair recently, Mescal expressed pressures put upon him by media inquiries for details regarding his private life; yet decided against disclosing certain details out of respect of personal privacy.

Who Have Been Paul Mescal’s Romantic Interests?

Paul Mescal was romantically involved with six individuals during this period. Who Have Been Paul Mescal’s Romantic Interests?

Paul Mescal and Keelin Moncrieff

Rumors swirling that Paul Mescal may have begun dating Irish influencer Keelin Moncrieff began after gossip accounts reported seeing the two together in Dublin. Moncrieff is well known for her engaging social and lifestyle content on YouTube which further fuelled these speculations, yet without confirmation by either party this remains unverified gossip.

Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones

Paul Mescal’s relationship with Daisy Edgar-Jones, his co-star from Normal People, has long been subject to speculation and fascination by fans and general audiences alike. Their closeness is evidenced through mutual public admiration as well as frequent public appearances together and has left some expecting romantic sparks between them; yet both actors have consistently described theirs as platonic; emphasizing rather deep, longstanding friendship than sexual compatibility.

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Waller-Bridge

An intriguing sidelight into Mescal’s social life included his brief meeting with Phoebe Waller-Bridge – best known for her role on Fleabag – outside London’s National Theatre in an encounter characterized by laughter between professionals. Since Waller-Bridge is in a relationship with playwright Martin McDonagh and any romantic connection would likely not materialise, this meeting likely simply happened out of professional curiosity rather than any serious intent from either party involved to develop romantic feelings towards one another.

Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan

News that Paul Mescal would star alongside Saoirse Ronan as husband and wife in Foe was met with great anticipation, sparking speculation of an off-screen relationship between them. However, Ronan has since entered into an on/off relationship with Jack Lowden while her appreciation of Mescal stems solely from professional respect and friendship.

How Does Mescal Handle Public Interest in His Love Life?

Paul Mescal has achieved fame while still remaining private where it counts most. While public scrutiny over his love life remains high, Mescal chooses only to share what feels comfortable while simultaneously engaging his fans professionally.


Paul Mescal’s career is taking off rapidly while his personal life remains private. The actor has successfully balanced public interest with personal boundaries by letting his work speak for itself; as Mescal continues to develop an impressive portfolio with stunning new roles, viewers can appreciate not only his professional abilities but also how he handles celebrity life with grace and honor; be it single or secretly dating, Mescal remains mindful in approaching both celebrity culture and romance in ways which remain authentically his.

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