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Suki Webster, well-known for her comedic ability, has taken an important step in her career by venturing into drama with the debut play “My Obsession.” Webster collaborated on this venture with husband Paul Merton who made his theatrical debut this weekend as lead in “My Obsession”. Premiering this weekend at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and premiering this Sunday as an original mix of comedy and drama about Danny Heywood from England’s East End comedy troupe

“My Obsession” delves deep into the intricacies of fame, exploring how it interacts with an audience and its members. Through an intense 30-minute performance by Webster as her composite character “Danny”, drawing from both her extensive background in comedy as well as personal experiences in the public eye. Webster took an innovative approach when writing this play by improvising scenes aloud so as to ensure authenticity and emotional depth throughout her script.

Merton Was Not Webster’s First Pick

Webster had not originally considered Merton for the lead role; they experienced casting challenges that prevented two candidates they initially wanted from participating, leading them to turn their attention toward Merton instead. After initial reservations about accepting the role, he soon came to enjoy and embrace it completely – finding each performance exciting and challenging and finding joy and fascination from performing his part on stage. “Every performance keeps things exciting and challenging!” remarked Merton upon completion.

The play features an incredible night-time encounter between Heywood and an obsessed, devoted fan that sparks an intriguing exploration into who really holds power–Hywood or their fan whose love sustains his fame? Webster’s own personal experiences with obsessive fans added an authenticity and urgency to the narrative, showing the unexpected burdensome aspects of celebrity.

Relatable Themes

Relatable Themes Webster and Merton can both identify with the themes of the play, drawing from their experiences as comedians and performers in comedy and performance. Their allure of the stage, the affirmation from an audience, and the transformational effect of successful performances resonates strongly for both of them; Merton recalls his early days at Comedy Store to emphasize how initial success can sustain artists through less-than-stellar periods of their careers.

Webster also explores the impact of fame on individual freedom, noting how Merton’s visibility prevents him from fully enjoying other performers’ shows. Their decision to leave their wedding rings behind as performers speaks volumes of their commitment to authentically portraying their roles on stage, further emphasizing both professional dedication and separation between personal and stage personas.

“My Obsession” not only marks an exciting step forward in Webster’s artistic journey, but it also showcases Merton’s versatility as an actor. Webster and Merton work collaboratively and show respect towards one another throughout this project; offering audiences a fresh look into fame, performance and the personal sacrifices entertainers often make. While performing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe their off-stage partnership has undoubtedly added depth and impact to an already intriguing play.

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