Patrick Dumont Net Worth, Explore All Details

Patrick Dumont currently serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Executive Vice President and a Director for Las Vegas Sands Corp. – one of Asia and North America’s premier integrated resort developers and operators – since joining in June 2010. As CFO he has been instrumental in shaping financial strategy and operations within the company and his vast corporate finance expertise makes him an essential member of their executive team.

Professional Journey

Dumont began his Las Vegas Sands career as Vice President of Corporate Strategy in June 2010. Due to his strategic insight and financial savvy, Dumont quickly advanced through the ranks to Senior Vice President of Finance and Strategy by September 2013; during this timeframe his responsibilities broadened dramatically by overseeing vital financial strategies for Las Vegas Sands’ growth and stability.

Dumont assumed the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in March 2016, playing an instrumental role in leading Las Vegas Sands’ financial planning, risk management and strategic investments activities. Since February 2016 he has also served as Principal Financial Officer, further emphasizing his importance to their finances.

Family Connections

Patrick Dumont’s close ties with the founding family add another layer to his role. As Sheldon G. Adelson was one of Las Vegas Sands’ founding leaders – serving as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Treasurer before his untimely passing – their relationship provided unique insights and continuity of leadership for Las Vegas Sands during this crucial era of its development.


Patrick Dumont currently earns a total compensation at Las Vegas Sands of $2,413,390 according to recent reports, reflecting his considerable contributions towards improving financial health and strategic direction of the company. Although this substantial salary remains, three other executives within Las Vegas Sands earn higher pay, with Sheldon Adelson receiving the highest annual total compensation at $24,6880100.

Age and Experience

Patrick Dumont, 45 years old, is among the younger executives at Las Vegas Sands. The company boasts an experienced leadership team consisting of members spanning in age and expertise; Sheldon Adelson was their oldest executive at 86. Patrick and his fellow younger executives help drive forward Las Vegas Sands forward as it moves into new territories.

Professional Journey

Las Vegas Sands Corp. is an esteemed global developer and operator of integrated resorts. Their portfolio boasts iconic properties like The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, The Londoner Macao, Parisian Macao, Plaza Macao Four Seasons Hotel Macao Cotai Strip Sands Macao Sands Macao in Macao China; in Singapore Marina Bay Sands Casino as well as The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino along with Sands Expo Convention Center are among their iconic properties.

Strategic Developments Las Vegas Sands has continued its impressive expansion and innovation within the hospitality and gaming industries under Patrick Dumont’s financial leadership. Their integrated resorts have become known for their luxurious accommodations, expansive gaming facilities, world-class entertainment venues, retail malls, convention/exhibition space as well as celebrity chef restaurants – amenities which attract millions of visitors each year and reinforce Las Vegas Sands as a leader in global hospitality services.

Future Prospects

Patrick Dumont will play a critical role as Las Vegas Sands navigates the changing gaming and hospitality industries in the future. His strategic vision and financial expertise will play a pivotal role in driving company growth, exploring new markets, and increasing shareholder value. With the foundation laid by previous CEOs as a base and his innovative approach leading the way forward, Dumont promises an exciting future ahead for Las Vegas Sands.


Patrick Dumont’s tenure at Las Vegas Sands stands as a remarkable journey of professional growth and strategic impact, serving in roles such as CFO, Executive Vice President and Director. Dumont was instrumental in steering Las Vegas Sands toward a prosperous future through his experience in corporate finance and relationship with its founding family – helping to guide it towards an expansionist agenda and ensure excellence is prioritized at Las Vegas Sands as an integrated resort leader globally.

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