Ninong Ry Wife & How Does Ninong Ry Influence the Filip-American Community?

Ninong Ry (born Ryan Reyes), known for his engaging food content on YouTube and charismatic personality is an acclaimed Filipino chef and YouTube celebrity renowned for their engaging food videos and charismatic presence. After starting as a palengke seller to becoming one of social media’s leading influencers based in California – where they continue their signature take on traditional Filipino cuisine!

How Did Ninong Ry Begin His Journey?

Ninong Ry’s journey from local market vendor to YouTube star is testament to his devotion and passion for food. Beginning his career selling at local markets in the Philippines, slowly building his culinary skills and engaging personality until eventually taking advantage of social media as a platform and finding his success as an influencer and content creator on YouTube.

What Makes Ninong Ry’s Content Stand Out?

With more than 1.91 Million Subscriber, Ninong Ry has amassed an audience of 1.91 Million on his YouTube channel with traditional Filipino recipes, personal vlogs and culinary challenges that stand out. What sets him apart?
His genuine enthusiasm and deep respect for Filipino culinary traditions set him apart as one of the beloved figures amongst Filipino-American communities alike.

Who Is Ninong Ry’s Partner?

Stephanie De Guzman, an influential social media influencer known for lifestyle and fashion content creation is Ninong Ry’s significant other; their relationship has often been featured prominently in his videos with Stephanie making frequent appearances which add an engaging, entertaining touch.

What Are Ninong Ry’s Main Achievements?

Ninong Ry has accomplished much in her professional life; not just through YouTube subscribers but also by her profound impact in the Filipino-American community and as an ambassador of Filipino cuisine worldwide. Her YouTube platform serves to educate international audiences about this thriving cuisine!

How Does Ninong Ry Influence the Filip-American Community?

Ninong Ry is an influential figure within the Filipino-American community who uses his platform to spread Filipino cultural traditions through culinary arts. His videos often combine cultural education and entertainment elements for maximum impact; raising awareness and appreciation of Philippine traditions as well as community values.

What Are the Financial Aspects of Ninong Ry’s Career?

Ninong Ry has seen great financial success thanks to YouTube. According to Social Blade’s estimate of his monthly revenues ranging between $1.3k and $20.9k each month (month), including sponsorships, advertisements and merchandise line income which surely add up to an undisclosed yet likely significant net worth figure.


Ninong Ry’s journey from market vendor to international YouTube sensation is one marked by passion, perseverance and entrepreneurialism. His ability to blend entertainment with culinary expertise has not only won him widespread acclaim among his audience but has also become an advocate for Filipino culture worldwide. Ninong Ry remains an invaluable figure when it comes to representing Philippine heritage abroad through global outreach of both culture and cuisine.

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