Ned Nwoko First Wife, Family, Career & More

Ned Nwoko, a wealthy Nigerian businessman and lawyer, is known not only for his immense wealth but also for his polygamous lifestyle. With multiple properties and vast financial resources, he comfortably supports his large family, which includes his six wives and numerous children. Here’s an in-depth look at his family dynamics.

Wives of Ned Nwoko

Barrister Lily Nwoko

Ned Nwoko’s first wife, Barrister Lily Nwoko, shares the same profession as her husband, practicing law. Despite her significant role in Nwoko’s life, she maintains a low profile, preferring to stay out of the public eye. She holds a special place in Ned’s heart, evidenced by the fact that some of his properties are registered in her name. This contradicts earlier speculations that Laila Charani was his first wife.

Laila Charani

Laila Charani, Nwoko’s fourth wife, hails from Morocco. She gained some public attention when her husband celebrated her birthday with a lavish royal dinner, highlighting the opulence they enjoy. Despite occasional public appearances, she, like some of Ned’s other wives, prefers to keep her life relatively private.

Regina Daniels

Perhaps the most well-known among Nwoko’s wives is Regina Daniels, a famous Nollywood actress. Their marriage in April 2019 caused quite a stir due to the 38-year age difference between them. Regina, who married Ned at 19, has publicly discussed the unconventional aspects of their union. She emphasizes the respect she has for her husband and the learning opportunities their marriage has provided her. Regina is the youngest of Ned’s wives and the mother of his son, Prince Munir, born in 2020.

Lina Nwoko

Lina Nwoko, the fifth wife, is also from Morocco. Unlike her counterparts, Lina’s personal life remains mostly out of the public spotlight. However, she made headlines in 2019 when she accused Regina Daniels of using voodoo on their husband, following a social media post by Regina. Despite this, the details of Lina’s life largely remain private.

Ned Nwoko’s Children

Ned Nwoko’s large family includes several children, although not all of them are publicly known by name. Here are some of his children who have been identified:

Tarik Nwoko

Tarik was Ned’s first and oldest son. Tragically, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 22. His death was a significant loss for the family, occurring while he was studying law in England. Despite extensive investigations, the cause of his death was determined to be natural, unrelated to drugs or alcohol.

Julia Nwoko

Julia, Laila Charani’s first child, is older than her stepmother Regina Daniels. Despite the unconventional family dynamics, Julia and Regina appear to have a warm relationship, often sharing photos together on social media.

Naya and Maya Nwoko

Naya and Maya are two of Ned’s younger daughters, known for their athletic abilities, particularly in swimming. Their love for the sport started at a young age, and they are often seen participating in family sporting activities. The sisters are frequently seen together and appear to share a close bond.

Amir Nwoko

Amir, one of Ned’s sons, is an avid athlete, much like his father. He enjoys football and swimming, showcasing his talents from a young age. Regina Daniels has posted about Amir’s passion for football, indicating a supportive family environment for his athletic pursuits.

Hayat Nwoko

Hayat is another of Ned’s daughters who has gained some popularity on social media. With a significant following on Instagram, she enjoys content creation and often shares glimpses of her life with her followers.

Sultan Nwoko

Sultan is one of Ned’s younger sons and bears a striking resemblance to his father. Despite being young, Sultan’s presence in family photos and events indicates his integral role in the family.

Prince Munir

The youngest of Ned’s children is Prince Munir, born to Regina Daniels in 2020. Munir’s birth was a celebrated event in the family, marking another addition to Ned’s growing lineage.


Ned Nwoko’s polygamous lifestyle and large family are well-supported by his wealth and resources. Despite the challenges and public scrutiny that come with having multiple wives and numerous children, he seems to manage his family with care and dedication. The different personalities and backgrounds of his wives, combined with the diverse talents and interests of his children, paint a picture of a complex yet closely-knit family. Ned Nwoko’s ability to maintain harmony and provide for his family underscores the unique dynamics of his life.

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