Natalie Elphicke Husband, Who is Natalie Elphicke?

Natalie Elphicke, Member of the Parliament of Dover since the year 2019, has been an unpopular figure in British politics.¬†After the death of her husband, Charlie Elphicke, after his legal issues her comments have sparked media and public interest through her statements on a range of social issues, such as the criticism she has made of famous people such as Marcus Rashford.¬†This article examines her political career, public statements and the responses that they’ve provoked.

Who is Natalie Elphicke?

Natalie Elphicke took over as the MP for Dover in the year 2019, after her husband’s resignation over accusations with sexual harassment. Charlie Elphicke, her predecessor and husband, was arrested and sentenced to prison, leaving behind a turbulent legacy in the district. Natalie’s election to the Parliament was marred by these incidents, however her swiftly established herself as a political independent politician with strong opinions regarding a range of topics.

What is the consensus on Marcus Rashford’s activistism?

Marcus Rashford, a professional player for Manchester United and England, is widely praised for his work in battling child hunger across the UK. His campaign succeeded in influencing the government into expanding free school meals in the midst of the pandemic. The campaign’s critics, however Natalie Elphicke expressed skepticism about his motives and accused the politician as “playing politics” with his campaign. The statement drew a significant amount of criticism from the general public and colleagues in politics who believed Rashford’s actions were genuine and effective.

What was the way Elphicke react on Rashford’s Euro 2020 penalty miss?

The debate surrounding Natalie Elphicke intensified after the Euro 2020 final, where Marcus Rashford missed a crucial penalty. Elphicke’s private text message to her coworkers and colleagues, stating that Rashford should spend more time working on his skills rather than being involved in political activities was made public to the media. The comment was interpreted as a bit snide given the timing, but also dismissive of Rashford’s powerful off-field activities. The reaction was swift, with many calling her remarks insensitive and uninformed.

What impact has Elphicke’s words affected her career?

Natalie Elphicke’s comments about Marcus Rashford have stirred debates regarding the role of politicians in their comments on issues of culture and social. Some critics argue that her remarks are a sign of a lack understanding and disconnection from public’s opinion, potentially affecting her relationship with the public. Some supporters may perceive her as a simple person who has her own opinions, regardless of what the public thinks. These events have definitely changed her image in the public eye and may influence her future political career.


Natalie Elphicke’s time as the MP for Dover is characterized by her openness and the controversy that has been triggered by her remarks. Her comments about Marcus Rashford’s political activism and his performance at Euro 2020 have sparked discussions about the limits of political discourse as well as the responsibilities of politicians to address social issues.

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