Nash Aguas Wife, Know Who Is Mika?

Mika the former child actress who has been a star in popular Filipino TV shows such as “Goin’ Bulilit,” has won the attention of a lot since her first time in the business. Through time, she’s transformed from a beloved kid actor to a graceful and talented young woman.

What Was Special About Mika’s Wedding Gown?

To celebrate her wedding, Mika selected an elegant off-shoulder gown created by Julianne Syjuco. It was an impressive display of the elegance and luxury. The dress featured an elongated skirt adorned with gems that were encrusted and sparkled beautifully, adding to the romantic look. Her sweetheart neckline accentuated Mika’s decolletage as the corseted and decorated bodice, with tulle overlays brought a touch of romantic romance to her bridal gown.

How Did Mika Style Her Hair and Makeup?

In addition to her stunning dress, Mika opted for a gorgeous beauty look that was that was created by the famous makeup and hair duo Paul Unating and Dominic Mangat. Her hair was slicked back with loose waves, which was ideal for the romantic atmosphere on her wedding. The choice was not just a reflection of her individual style, but was also harmoniously incorporated into the overall style of the wedding.

What Unique Features Did Mika’s Veil Have?

Mika’s veil is a masterpiece, exquisitely embellished with the initials “N (heart) M which symbolized the union between Nash and her. In addition, it had an inscribed reference to her favorite Bible scripture, Proverbs 5:18, which states, “Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.” This personal addition not only brought an extra spiritual aspect to her attire, but also highlighted the strong bond and values shared by the couple.

Can You Describe the Wedding Venue Setup?

The wedding ceremony was held in a romantic setting that could be easily thought of as a scene from of the film “Crazy Rich Asians.” The aisle was embellished by a stunning display of lit-up flowers, interspersed with real flowers that created a stunning setting that left guests stunned. The setting not only made for a stunning backdrop for photos but also added to an elegant theme for the ceremony.

What Is the History of Mika and Nash’s Relationship?

Mika and Nash’s relationship started in the years before they publicly admitted it in the year 2018. The beginnings of their romance go back to the sets of “Goin’ Bulilit,” the scene where Nash first discovered a love interest on Mika. A decade later their friendship developed into a stunning romance culminating in their incredibly passionate vow to one another at their wedding.


Mika and Nash’s wedding not just a celebration for their marriage but also it was a reflection of their journey from childhood through adulthood. The thoughtfulness of Mika’s dress and the beautiful venue made their wedding day truly memorable. The wedding was not just about celebrating their love, but also highlighted their love for beauty, tradition and personal story which made it a fairytale celebration in every sense.

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