Mike Schubert Potsdam, Age, Early Life, Political and Personal Life

Mike Schubert was born February 3 in Schwedt, GDR and became the Lord Mayor of Potsdam since November 28, 2018 as part of his membership with Social Democratic Party (SPD). Schubert began actively participating in local politics over 20 years ago due to family athletic ties–both parents were competitive canoeists–before making academic and professional strides that enable him to adapt well with changing political and economic landscapes in Germany.

What are Schubert’s origins?

Manfred Schubert, an internationally recognized canoeist and his wife, relocated from Schwedt to Potsdam in 1975 due to Manfred’s assignment helping establish ASK Vorwarts canoeing center. Unfortunately shortly afterwards tragedy struck when Schubert’s mother passed away – something which greatly shaped much of his early life in Potsdam’s Zentrum Ost district.

How did Schubert start his career?

Schubert graduated from Peter-Joseph-Lenne comprehensive school (POS 38) in 1989, training to be an industrial electronics technician but saw this career abruptly cut short by Germany’s economic upheaval after unification. Following some unsuccessful ventures into retail salesmanship and retail entrepreneurship as well as an unsuccessful attempt at retail sales, he ultimately worked as a freelance insurance agent before serving his military obligations as press soldier.

What was Schubert studying?

In 1997, upon realizing the need for further education, Schubert took and passed an aptitude test at University of Potsdam before beginning studies in economics and political science at which point he graduated with his degree in 2004 with honors as a political science major. While at university he supported members of state parliament while serving in Kosovo reserves.

How did Schubert enter politics?

Schubert began his political journey by joining the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in 1995, taking on such roles as chairman of its city council parliamentary group and then subdistrict chairman in Potsdam. Alongside these political activities he held professional roles within Brandenburg state government covering everything from civil-military cooperation and disaster control.

What was Schubert’s route to becoming Lord Mayor?

In January 2018 Schubert was nominated by the SPD as their candidate to succeed Jann Jakobs after his retirement, garnering 32.2 percent in the initial balloting, followed by 55.3% of votes cast for him against Martina Trauth from Die Linke in a run-off election and successfully taking office on May 9, 2018.

What has Schubert contributed as Lord Mayor?

Since taking office, Schubert has prioritized social policies, infrastructure development and improving quality-of-life issues in Potsdam. Under his administration have come solutions for housing affordability to local economic growth; reflecting his comprehensive approach to urban governance.

How has Schubert managed to strike a balance between personal and professional obligations?

Schubert is married and the proud parent of two children. He resides in Potsdam’s Golm neighborhood where he actively engages in community life while remaining committed to his demanding job and family life. While maintaining this balance can sometimes prove challenging during a hectic political career path.

What lesser-known facts exist regarding Schubert?

Schubert may be best remembered as an esteemed composer and musician; less frequently recognized are his short acting stints – appearing as a child actor on DEFA TV series “Spuk im Hochhaus” which marked his early exposure to media and public life.

What does Schubert’s future hold?

Going forward, Mike Schubert appears committed to realizing his vision for Potsdam – that of creating a sustainable and vibrant urban community – with resilience, adaptability and deep dedication to public service as his core leadership traits, making him one of the main figures involved with its ongoing development in Brandenburg’s capital city.

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