Mika Dela Cruz Age, Bio, Career, School & What Interests Outside the Stage

Mikaela Dela Cruz is an enthusiastic Filipino-American teenager from Pennsylvania, who has made quite an impressionful mark for herself within musical theater and activism. Mariko Nicolette dela Cruz (born December 9, 1998), better known as Mika dela Cruz, is a Japanese-born Austrian-Filipino, actress, singer and model. Beginning her performing arts journey as early as age ten, her talent quickly blossomed thanks to a multitude of roles which both challenged and broadened her artistic horizons.

What Triggered Mikaela to Enter Musical Theater?

Mikaela began her theatrical journey after taking on Fauna as part of Sleeping Beauty Jr in her local community theatre production. This early experience not only provided invaluable stage exposure but also ignited her confidence – something which continues today in her involvement in shows such as The Jungle Book Kids where she takes on various roles such as that of singing coconut tree! Her theatrical passion deepened as more roles were introduced such as performing as Fauna for Sleeping Beauty Jr and later playing different parts such as Fauna were introduced; more advanced performances gave her further experience that ignited passion!

How Has Mikaela’s Career Progressed?

After taking a brief hiatus during middle school, Mikaela resumed her theatrical pursuits in high school productions such as High School Musical, Annie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Seussical Our World Stopped and Newsies. Each role offered new challenges that allowed Mikaela to hone her craft while showing her versatility as an performer.

What Are Mikaela’s Interests Outside the Stage?

In her free time, Mikaela enjoys music – playing both the acoustic guitar and ukulele in particular – writing poetry (something she started doing since first grade!) as well as participating in her high school drama club and choir; which she considers her second family.

What Roles Does Mikaela Play in Her School?

Mikaela plays several leadership roles within her school community. As editor of the yearbook and vice president of HERE (a racial justice club that promotes diversity and inclusivity) respectively, her involvement is clear evidence of social advocacy efforts she champions for.

How Does Mikaela View Her Future?

As of 2021, Mikaela remains uncertain of her career goals and aspirations. While considering medicine or possibly venturing into digital media as a vlogger; whatever path is chosen she intends to fully pursue her passions while making positive strides within her community.

Conclusion: What Makes Mikaela Dela Cruz Special?

Mikaela Dela Cruz represents an iconic example of youth using their talent and platforms to foster change and inspire others. From musical theater to social activism, Mikaela’s diverse interests showcase her dynamic personality and commitment to growth; her multidimensional interests prove this. With room still for development as she discovers passions and hones skills further, Mikaela remains poised to make major contributions both locally and globally.

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