Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Read All Details

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party returns to Walt Disney World between August 9 and October 31. Beginning August 9 at 13pm-20232730 as well as September 2 at 6-8-10-13-15-17-2024-25 2729 October 1-4 6 8 10 14 15 17 1821-242527 29 31 for an amazing after hours experience that runs 7pm till Midnight for all guests of all ages – this separate ticket event provides them with an incredible evening experience unlike anywhere else! This unforgettable after hour event runs 7 pm till Midnight giving guests of all ages an unforgettable evening experience not available elsewhere! This special after hour event requires separate ticket from theme park admission; running 7 pm till midnight this special event provides guests from all backgrounds an unforgettable evening experience never found elsewhere!

When can You Purchase Tickets?

Tickets to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party go on sale May 15, with guests staying in specific Walt Disney World hotels having an early opportunity to purchase. Anyone planning on attending should visit the Walt Disney World official website to obtain a full list of participating hotels so as to secure one of this year’s sought-after events as soon as possible.

What’s New At This Year’s Party?

2024 marks an exciting expansion to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party thanks to Disney Parks introducing DescenDANCE Party at Tomorrowland’s Rockettower Plaza Stage inspired by “Descendants: The Rise of Red”. Guests are sure to experience an exhilarating, energetic environment full of dancing fun – with dancing taking place all throughout Tomorrowland’s Rockettower Plaza Stage and in Tomorrowland itself! Guests are sure to have an exhilarating and memorable time dancing their hearts away!

At this year’s festival, attendees will experience something truly remarkable–an appearance by Bruno Madrigal from Disney’s hit film Encanto! For the very first time, attendees can meet this charismatic character alongside Mirabel in Fairytale Garden’s Casita at Fairytale Garden’s Casita. Encanto fans can meet him exclusively here for an extra magical treat during festivities!

Why Does Disney’s Halloween Celebration Differ From Others?

Disney’s Halloween celebration stands out among others not only because it kicks off early (August 1) but also by providing an engaging family experience that turns the park into an incredible Halloween destination. Events tailored for both children and adults include parades, fireworks displays and appearances by beloved characters dressed up for parades or fireworks shows – not forgetting after-hour parties that allow access to limited attractions with reduced crowding are popular with visitors as these parties create thrilling spooky environments while offering reduced-crowd events tailored specifically for these attractions – making these after hours parties truly magical events that visitors shouldn’t miss!

What Are Some Attending Tips?

Here are a few strategies on how to maximize Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party:

Costumes Are Welcome: Costumes of all sorts are encouraged as part of the festivities; as long as they meet any costume guidelines set by Disney to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all involved.

Arrive Early: While events officially kick off at 7 p.m., ticket holders often can enter earlier in the afternoon (check your specific event day schedule to determine your entry time) so as to take full advantage of more rides and attractions before party festivities begin.

Planning Your Visit: Review the event schedule and map out activities and character meet-and-greets that must take place, along with any special performances or entertainment options that could enhance your stay. Creating an agenda helps make every moment count during your stay!

Gather delectable treats: Our Halloween event features trick-or-treating throughout the park, so bring along a bag to collect as many delectable goodies as you can!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party offers an exhilarating way to mark Halloween season at Disney World! Packed full of exciting attractions both new and classic, guests are promised magical nights filled with laughter and surprises at one of Earth’s greatest magical destinations!

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