Michael Rainey Jr Girlfriend,Was Reportedly Courting A Fellow Star

Michael Rainey Jr., best known for his role as Tariq in “Power,” has captivated audiences with his acting skills. Alongside his professional accomplishments, his personal life has also garnered attention. Despite rumors and speculations, Michael has maintained a reputation as a one-woman man. Here’s an in-depth look at his dating history and current relationship status.

Current Relationship

Michael Rainey Jr. is currently dating social media influencer Haile Rose. Fans first got wind of their relationship when Haile posted a now-deleted video of their intimate moments together for Michael’s 22nd birthday. The video, shared by The Shade Room Teens, included the caption, “City girls down 1000,” to which Michael responded, “You up 10K,” hinting at their close bond.

Though it’s unclear exactly when they started dating, both Michael and Haile have been posting about each other on their social media accounts since September 2022. This suggests that their relationship likely began earlier in 2022, as many celebrities tend to keep their romances private before going public. Their public displays of affection indicate a strong and genuine connection.

Haile Rose’s Background

Haile Rose, with nearly 180,000 Instagram followers, is a fashion influencer and entrepreneur with her own business, Haile Rose Closet. She is also an advocate for mental health, regularly sharing positive and uplifting messages with her followers. Haile’s personal history adds depth to her public persona. She is the sister of the late Kile Glover, Usher’s former stepson, who tragically passed away in July 2012 at the age of 11. This background resonates with her followers and has shaped her advocacy for mental health awareness.

Previous Relationship with Eva Apio

Before Haile Rose, Michael Rainey Jr. was romantically linked to Ugandan model Eva Apio. In May 2019, they confirmed their relationship with a now-deleted Instagram post showing Michael with his arm around Eva, captioned, “My lil one,” with heart emojis. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in late 2019. Despite the split, the relationship was well-publicized, showcasing Michael’s ability to connect deeply with those he dates.

Rumored Romances

Michael Rainey Jr. has also been rumored to have dated his “Power” co-stars Alix Lapri and Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd. On-screen chemistry often leads to off-screen speculation, and Michael was no exception. Fans of “Power Book II: Ghost” speculated about potential romances with both Alix and Paige.

However, neither Michael nor Alix ever confirmed these rumors. Their interactions on social media were flirty, but no official relationship was acknowledged. Paige Hurd addressed these rumors during her January 2022 appearance on “The Real.” She humorously dispelled the dating speculation by pointing out the significant age difference between her and Michael, saying, “Maybe he’ll be like my second or third husband. But we gotta give him some time to grow, you know.”

Maintaining Privacy

Despite the public’s interest in his love life, Michael has maintained a level of privacy. His relationships, whether confirmed or rumored, reveal a young man navigating fame while trying to keep some aspects of his life out of the limelight. His current relationship with Haile Rose, while more public, still showcases his preference for genuine connections over fleeting romances.

Being in the public eye, Michael’s relationships are often under intense scrutiny. This can be challenging, as seen with the speculations about his co-stars. Despite this, Michael has managed to keep his personal life relatively private, sharing glimpses only when he chooses to. This balance is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship amidst the pressures of fame.

Positive Influence

As Michael Rainey Jr. continues to grow both professionally and personally, his relationship with Haile Rose seems to be a positive influence. With a stable personal life, Michael can focus on his career and personal growth. His ability to maintain genuine relationships amidst public scrutiny speaks to his character and priorities.

Michael Rainey Jr.’s dating life, from his current relationship with Haile Rose to past rumors and relationships, showcases the journey of a young actor balancing fame and personal connections. Despite the public interest and scrutiny, Michael has managed to keep his relationships genuine and grounded. His current romance with Haile Rose appears to be strong, marking another chapter in his life as he continues to navigate the complexities of fame and personal life.

Looking Forward

Michael Rainey Jr. is a young actor with a promising career and a supportive partner in Haile Rose. Their relationship, built on mutual respect and genuine affection, sets a solid foundation for both personal and professional success. As Michael continues to thrive in his career, his ability to maintain a healthy and private personal life will undoubtedly contribute to his enduring success and happiness.


Michael Rainey Jr.’s journey through love and relationships highlights his commitment to maintaining genuine connections while navigating the challenges of fame. His relationship with Haile Rose stands as a testament to his ability to balance his public and private life, ensuring that both aspects of his world are harmonious and fulfilling.

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